Call for Contributions

GBSN, the 2018 Conference Co-Hosts and Steering Committee call for your contribution to this exciting international forum addressing important challenges and opportunities related to transforming traditional sectors through educating entrepreneurial leaders.

All submissions should address at least one (1) of the traditional sectors identified and at least one of the below sub-themes.


The topics under each sub-theme are suggestions to inspire and guide submissions, but are not meant to exclude other related or relevant topics.

1. Technology & Big Data
  • How can information and communication technologies (ICT) bring entrepreneurial thinking into traditional sectors?
  • How do technological advances like big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and/or block chain offer entrepreneurial leaders levers for change?
2.     Responsible Leadership
  • How can educators create globalized leaders who can respond to and anticipate disruptive economic trends?
  • How can entrepreneurial leaders incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals in systemic change?
  • How can entrepreneurial leaders navigate changing geopolitical realities while working in traditional sectors?
  • How do ethical entrepreneurs lead in entrenched systems of traditional sectors?
3.     Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
  • How can cross-disciplinary thinking contribute in solving big problems?
  • How can business educators partner with colleagues in science and engineering to prepare technical graduates with entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • How can industry, aid, civil society and other actors in these traditional sectors collaborate with educators to meet their goals and address changing economic realities?
4.     Teaching the Tools of Innovation
  • What are the methodologies and tools (like design thinking, agile and frugal innovation) that can be used by entrepreneurial leaders to innovate in established companies and sectors?
  • How can educators provide meaningful educational experiences that offer knowledge and skills students will apply throughout their careers?

Proposals can present on several sub-themes within a sector. Alternatively a proposal can address several sectors within a sub-theme. For example, a proposal on Technology & Big Data could highlight practices within the tourism, agriculture and healthcare sectors. Conversely, a proposal can discuss how innovative teaching tools, collaboration and responsible leadership have impacted the Mining & Oil industry.

Types of Sessions

Cross-Sector Stakeholder Dialogues:

This is an opportunity to dive deep into a particular sector to discuss the current status, share ongoing efforts and explore opportunities for a different future. Dialogues should choose one sector (e.g. Mining & Oil, Agriculture, Tourism or Healthcare), but have liberty with regard to regional or topical focus. Facilitators must include at least two (and ideally more) different stakeholders from a sector, such as: Educator, Student/Recent Graduate, Community Leader, Government Official, Civil Society Representative or Industry Professional. The audience for these dialogues will include business educators and professionals in the sector. Duration: 90 minutes.

Research Roundtable Discussions:

Simultaneous roundtable discussions will feature and discuss research in various topic areas. Current and relevant published or practical research related to the theme is welcome. Presenters will have 30 minutes for their presentation, with a 10 minute Q&A at the end. Attendees then rotate to a different presentation, and presenters will present in the same format once again. Duration: 40 minutes x 2 sessions.

Innovation Showcases:

These short, practical showcases of innovative approaches to education will be featured in the plenary sessions.  Presenters are asked to share relevant and transferable examples of how their business school is addressing some aspect of educating entrepreneurial leaders to transform a traditional sector. Duration: 12 minutes per presentation.

Breakout Sessions:

These presentations, facilitated discussions and/or workshops should be around design, delivery, promotion, impact or administration of management education related to the conference theme. Examples could include working across disciplines in your institution, promoting executive education with an ethical stance, building a sector-specific program in collaboration with industry, etc. Duration: 75 minutes.

“Back to Class” Sessions:

These teaching sessions, aimed primarily at non-academics, but open to curious educators, will involve an interactive teaching demonstration of entrepreneurial leadership thinking aligned with the conference theme. This could take the form of a case discussion, design thinking exercise, group activity or other approach that provides meaningful learning outcomes along with a demonstration of the pedagogy. Facilitators should assume little to no preparation time for participants in the sessions, so please be brief and creative with case studies or other teaching materials. Duration: 75 – 90 minutes (TBD)

All submissions are strongly encouraged to consider what the takeaway action for each participant will be upon leaving their session. How will you help the audience understand how to implement the ideas that you present? What meaning will your content have for them in their work and life?

*Note: Complementary submissions will be considered for combination and applicants may be invited to convert their submission into a different format. Submissions with limited scope or partial panels are welcomed with the understanding that, due to limited time, all submissions cannot be accommodated on the agenda.

General Information 

All Proposals should be submitted through the online system by June 30, 2018

  • Applicants will receive information about the status of their submission from GBSN by June 29, 2018 at which point additional information and interviews may be requested.
  • GBSN Membership is not required to submit an application, however special consideration will be given to proposals that include faculty or staff of GBSN Member Schools.
  • Schools and organizations that have not presented at or attended a GBSN conference in the past are strongly encouraged to submit proposals
  • Speakers whose proposal is accepted will receive a code for a significant discount on conference registration
    The GBSN conference does not peer-review research or publications. Research, cases or other publications submitted should have practical relevance to the selected theme and do not have to be exclusive to this conference.
Submitting a Proposal

Applicants may submit more than one proposal, and may propose more than one type of conference session per topic. Note that in the case of multiple submissions under the same theme that only one will be chosen for inclusion on the agenda. While GBSN will consider including the same person or representatives from the same institution in multiple sessions, every effort will be made to ensure diversity of perspectives and expertise on the agenda.

Answers must be typed or pasted into the boxes provided in the online form. Please clearly describe the topic proposed, the format of the session, the panelists involved and how they will contribute to the overarching theme of the conference. Note that there is a 250-word limit for all short-answer questions with the exception of the title of your proposal, which has a 15-word limit. Applicants are encouraged to be specific and concise.

The authors of published contributions will keep the copyright to their work (the conference organizers will ask one-time permission to publish the works in the proceedings and share presentations online). Abstracts may be included on GBSN’s website and conference reports. 

GBSN reserves the right to recommend changes to submissions upon consultation with applicants.

Submissions must include:

  • Name and Contact information for the Point of Contact for the submission (does not necessarily need to be the lead presenter)

  • Brief description of the core activities of the organization(s) presenting (250 word limit)

  • Name, title, institution and contact information for all proposed presenters/facilitators (up to 3)

  • Title of Proposed Session (15 word limit)

  • Overview of the content of the session (250 word limit)

  • Description of the interactive structure of your session and how you will meaningfully engage participants (250 word limit)


For questions regarding the conference or application procedures please email Fabienne Jolivert at or call +1.202.628.9040.

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