Stephan Kuhn

Advisor, Independent Director
Former EMEIA Tax Leader

► Stephan Kuhn has been a financial auditor since 1983 and a tax advisor since 1985
► He led the Swiss tax and legal practice from 2000-2005 (first for Arthur Andersen, then for Ernst & Young – EY)
► 2005 – 2008: Leader of the tax and legal practice in Central Europe
► 2008 – 2014: Tax and Legal Area Managing Partner for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa [16’000 people in 93 countries] (EMEIA)
►2010 – 2013: in parallel leader of Swiss FSO practice (overall responsibility for the business [all services; i.e. Assurance, Advisory, Transactions, Tax and Legal with Financial Services Institutions [i.e. all clients in Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance and Asset Management] ►January – August 2015: senior partner on selected projects of the global Firm and Client Projects; Global Client Service Partner for a Global 360 Priority Account ►Since September 2015 Advisor and Independent Director of various public and private institutions
Professional Experience
► Stephan served as the Global Client Service Partner for a globally active Universal Bank
► As an advisor, Stephan has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, post-transaction integration and supply chain management projects. His clients are predominantly in Banking and Capital Markets and in Private Equity
►In his roles as Area Tax and Legal as well as Swiss FSO Leader Stephan has had extensive contacts with Ministries of Finance, supranational organisations and national tax administrations as well as Regulators / Supervisory authorities

►Stephan had two years of audit experience before he became a Tax Advisor
►Most of his time he spent serving the firm’s key accounts as the client service partner
►Prior to getting his international leadership roles he had the responsibility for the Swiss Tax Practice and for the Swiss Transaction Advisory Team
►Stephan was a member of the EMEIA Area Executive and of the Global Tax Executive of EY
►He was also a member of the Supervisory Board of Ernst & Young GmbH, Germany and Ernst & Young AG, Switzerland

Professional Certifications
► Certified Tax Expert, Switzerland
► Master Degree in Finance and Accounting, University of St. Gallen

Other Activities
►Permanent lecturer for Tax Law at University of St. Gallen
►Stephan was Chairman of a local community’s supervisory and audit committee for 8 years
►Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA)
►Member of the Board of the Association of Swiss Companies doing business in Germany (will step down in April 2015)
►Army: up to Battalion Commander from 1993 – 1997 (Infantry Battalion in Swiss Army)
►Board member for the education company of the Swiss institute for certified public accountants and tax experts (2004-2009)