Assessment and Impact Conference

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19 March 2020 - 21 March 2020

Houston, Texas, USA


As the higher education landscape becomes more challenging to navigate, business schools struggle to demonstrate excellence and stand out among peer institutions. Consequently, the business education industry has placed a renewed emphasis on accountability and impact in assessment. To respond to this development, we must reinforce that assessment and impact are even more important, making them a driving force throughout our institutions. What does assessment look like at its best?

The Assessment and Impact Conference goes beyond assessment mechanics to focus on effective continuous improvement. This is your opportunity to network with experienced accreditation volunteers and get a glimpse at what peer institutions are doing to push the envelope and improve pedagogy and curriculum. Join us to explore current trends and global best practices, strategies that will integrate administrative efforts across the college, and solutions for the complex and nuanced challenges of assurance of learning (AoL).

Whether your institution has recently begun the assessment process, is measuring impact, or is looking to take your AoL systems to the next level, this conference offers ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insight to put a streamlined assessment system and strong impact framework into place.

New at the Assessment and Impact Conference

  • Rubric Wall: If you have a rubric or assessment outline that you would like to share with fellow attendees at the Assessment and Impact Conference, be sure to bring a copy with you and post it on the Rubric Wall. And leave a business card so others can follow up if they have questions or comments. Take advantage of this great opportunity to share and learn from others!
  • Book Nook: Be sure to bring a book (it can be a personal or professional read), drop it off at the Book Nook and take a different one; this is a great opportunity to exchange books with peers around the world. Any books that are not taken by the end of the conference will be donated to BetterWorldBooks, a book resale organization partnering with campuses, libraries and helping fund literacy advocacy organizations around the world.
  • Hot Topics: Content for this session is driven through the comments shared by you and your peers on the flip charts placed throughout the conference. Tables are set with the different topics – feel free to join a table discussion to further explore the thoughts and ideas shared throughout the conference.

Who Should Attend

Faculty, department chairs, associate deans, deans, and those involved with faculty development, in charge of an institution’s assurance of learning programs, new to assessment, experienced in assessment, and working on obtaining or extending AACSB Accreditation at their school.

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