Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) is extending 5 scholarship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in GBSN member schools from developing countries. Qualified candidates are invited to apply for the WU Scholarship for the 2020 International Summer University ISU WU , an intensive short program, which provides students with an excellent opportunity for international education.

ISU WU takes place twice during the summer, in three-week sessions and offers students the possibility to deepen specific knowledge in business and enrich their social and cultural experiences.

The application period for Summer 2020 cohort is February 15 – March 31, 2020

General Information and Goals

The International Summer University WU (ISU WU) is an intensive short program, which provides international students with an excellent opportunity for international education. The ISU WU takes place twice in summer in three-week sessions (one three-week session in July and one three-week session in August) in Vienna and offers courses for both undergraduate and graduate students.

A large variety of business-related courses are taught by a team of experienced lecturers of WU and colleagues from partner universities hailing from the entire globe. The main objective of the program is not to provide basic knowledge, but to deepen specific knowledge in business. Visiting local companies and solving practical case studies in intercultural groups complements the strong theoretical basis. An exciting social and cultural program effectively complements the summer university.

Academic Program

Courses are designed to be highly interactive and a priority is placed on group discussion and teamwork; students complete pre-course assignments in order to have the qualifications necessary to start the course on the same level. The team of instructors consists of WU lecturers as well as renowned, international guest lecturers.

The undergraduate program consists of two intensive courses, which are taught consecutively over the course of 3 weeks, each course lasting one and a half weeks (Monday to Tuesday and Wednesday to Friday). These intensive courses are held in the mornings and total 8 ECTS-Credits.

The graduate program consists of three intensive courses, which are taught consecutively over the course of 3 weeks, each course lasting five days (Monday to Friday). These intensive courses are held in the mornings and total 9 ECTS-Credits.

Courses cover topics related to

  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • International Human Resource Management and Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • International Finance and Sustainable Management
  • Negotiation Management
  • July Program:

    July 6 – July 24, 2020

    August Program:

    July 27 – August 14, 2020

  • Application Period:

    February 15 – March 31, 2020

    Admission Decision:

    by April 30, 2020

Social Program

The ISU WU offers social and cultural activities in order to provide students with opportunities for intercultural exchange between students and cultural enrichment through in- and outdoor activities in Vienna.

These activities include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which are always an integral part of the ISU WU and are held in the ceremonial halls of the WU Campus. Traditionally, an International Cultural Evening is held each year, in which students are asked to bring their colleagues closer to their home country in any creative way they can think of, including presentations, clothing, as well as food and drink from their home. As part of getting to know Austria, students are invited to a traditional Austrian “Heuriger” wine tavern, a genuine piece of Austrian culinary culture.

These events and many more social and cultural activities are organized by the ISU WU team, in order to make the students’ stay in Vienna an unforgettable experience.

Scholarship for High Potentials from Developing Countries

As a strategic focus of WU, undergraduate and graduate students studying at GBSN member schools in developing countries are invited to apply for a WU Scholarship for the ISU WU.

Candidates from the following countries are strongly encouraged to apply:



South Africa

WU will extend up to 5 scholarships. The following services are covered as part of the scholarship:


  • Business courses with an international perspective

  • Use of library, computer labs, eLearning services, and language resource center

  • Company visits and guest speaker sessions

  • Grade certificate

  • Course materials

Cultural Events

  • Sightseeing tour Vienna

  • cultural events in Vienna: Vienna State Opera (planned, but subject to availability) or an alternative event

  • Opportunities for intercultural exchange through the social and cultural program

  • Information on student-friendly weekend packages for exploring Europe, entry fees are to be paid by the students themselves

  • Support of the ISUWU team


  • Lunch (Monday through Friday on lecture days)

  • Accommodation in a students' residence hall off-campus*

  • Internet access on campus and in residence halls

  • Public transportation ticket within Vienna

  • A travel grant of up to 500 EUR

Social Events

  • Opening ceremony

  • International cultural evening

  • Evening at a viennese wine tavern

  • Farewell evening

    Applicants are selected for the scholarship based on the quality of their application documents and their previous academic performance.

    The WU scholarship is non-recurring, i.e. students may only participate in ISU WU once on scholarship. Moreover the number of available scholarships is limited.


    Students interested in participating in the ISUWU have to complete the application process which is illustrated further below.

    Application Requirements

    Requirements for Graduate Students

    • Current enrollment in a master’s or MBA program (or equivalent) with a specific focus on business administration and related areas
    • OR a bachelor degree in a business major
    • excellent English language skills

    Requirements for Undergraduate Students

    • Current enrollment and completed minimum of one year undergraduate education with a specific focus on business administration and related areas
    • excellent English language skills

    Applicants interested in participating in the International Summer University WU need an excellent command of the English language. The English language requirements can be found at ISUWU Language Requirements.

    GBSN scholarship students are required to submit an essay. Please upload this essay together with all other application documents. Download the essay guidelines.

    Application Procedure

    • Read the application instructions below and gather the supporting documents (for a complete list of documents please see the application documents section below). We strongly advise students to gather all necessary documents before submitting the online application form.

    • Read the Guidelines and Data Protection for the International Summer UniversityWU.

    • Access the online application system, fill in and submit the online application form (step 1 in the online application system) by March 31, 2020.

    • Upload all required supporting documents (step 2 in the online application system) and press submit to complete the online application process.

    • Students will be informed about the outcome of their application via email by April 30, 2020.

    If there are any technical problems, please contact the program manager Ms. Sarina Gludovatz ( March 31, 2020.

    Application Documents

    In order for the application to be successful, applicants must upload all necessary application documents, demonstrate excellent command of the language of instruction (English), and meet all the requirements specified in the course description. All documents that are not issued in English or German must be provided together with an adequate translation into English or German. We advise to gather all supporting documents before starting the online application process. Only files less than approximately 2MB are allowed to be uploaded. (Allowed filetypes: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, doc, docx, pdf)

    Click here for more information on the application process

    Submission of application & admission
    • Confirmation of receipt: All students who complete the online application process on time, will receive an automated email confirming that their full application has been received by the responsible WU coordinator.
    • Admission decision: All applicants who complete the online application process on time will be informed about the outcome of their application via email by April 30, 2020. The official acceptance letter will include further instructions on the payment of the participation fee. The applicants’ place on the ISU WU program is only guaranteed once we receive the payment. As soon as the payment reaches the ISU WU account, accepted applicants will receive a letter of confirmation.
    • Allocation of courses: During the online application process, students are asked to rank the available courses according to their preferences. Please note that there is no guarantee getting a place that corresponds to the preference for a course. We try our best to accommodate students’ preferences, but due to the limited number of places this is not always possible.
    • Information package prior to arrival: In May all accepted students will receive a so-called ISU WU Pre-Arrival Guide with useful information and details about the summer program. The participants will also be informed about the pre-course assignments required for their courses.

    Contact Information

    Ms. Sarina Gludovatz
    Program Management, International Short and Summer University Programs (ISUs, ISUWU, Vienna IPWU), International Office
    T: +43 1 31336 4314

    Ms. Mona Wagner
    Staff Member, International Short and Summer University Programs
    (ISUWU, ISUs), International Office
    Tel: +43 1 31336 4974

    WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
    Welthandelsplatz 1, Building LC
    1020 Vienna, Austria

    2018 ISUWU Student Testimonials

    Shazabeen Nabi Khan

    ISUWU July Session
    Lahore School of Economics
    Lahore, Pakistan

    ISUWU academic program:

    The learning experience throughout the ISU WU was a combination of discussions, group activities and lectures providing intriguing insights into the global perspective of management and marketing. During this time, I met incredibly helpful teachers and classmates from all around the world that made the learning environment fun and challenging.

    ISUWU leisure program:

    The leisure activities were the most exciting part of the program. I got a chance to explore the beautiful city of Vienna, where I saw neo-gothic architecture of the City Hall, the making of the famous Strudel dessert and a view over Vienna  from the top of Kahlenberg. With great company, stunning architecture and extremely breathtaking visits, the leisure activities made the most memorable three weeks.

    ISUWU program in general:

    Kudos to the team for creating such an immersive program which balanced study and leisure together and made it extremely easy for students to fit into the city. I’m extremely grateful to GBSN for making this opportunity possible and to the ISU WU team for providing immense help in the first place!

    Patience Nsiah

    ISUWU July Session
    Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
    Accra, Ghana

    ISUWU academic program:

    I have learnt in three courses in three weeks what normally takes a whole semester to learn. The academic courses were very practical, interactive, and gave insights to real life situation which I am going to use to build my business in the future. I have become more confident through group presentations and being able to analyze problems and finding solutions.

    ISUWU leisure program:

    I have made new friends from different continenst , built relationships and at the same time got the opportunity to see the beautiful city of Vienna and its neighbouring countries. The company visit were awesome, especially Pioneers, I am thankful for this experience.

    ISUWU program in general:

    Thank you to the ISU WU team for putting this life changing program together. I am grateful for being a part of this great experience.The whole program is well organized and very educative. The ISU WU team is  great, patient and helpful. Thank you once again, I  really appreciate every bit of this program.

    Mariam Mahmoud

    ISUWU July Session
    American University of Cairo
    Cairo, Egypt

    ISUWU academic program:

    The academic program of the ISU WU is one of the most well-organized academic programs ever. Although the program is just 3 weeks long and only includes two courses, everything was done and accomplished perfectly and completely. Moreover, the in-class discussion were really enriching and very international, as I got to know more about other students’ cultures and countries. This knowledge helps me to see the world from a different and more open perspective – a new perspective with more respect to diversity and new ideas.

    ISUWU leisure program:

    The ISU WU program also includes cultural and social program besides the academic program. This social and cultural program helped international students like me to overcome the cultural shock and to adapt and mingle very quickly with other international students during this short period of time. From my own experience, I enjoyed a lot the variety of things to do and places to visit that were recommended by the ISU WU program. One of my favorite events was the International Cultural Event (ICE), as every student haf the chance to let other students get to know more about his or her home country, and to correct certain stereotypes.

    ISUWU program in general:

    Every day, there is something new to see and to do in Vienna after lectures, so I never got bored during my stay in this beautiful city, and I wish to return back to study at WU one day.

    Sania Moazzam

    ISUWU August Session
    Lahore School of Economics
    Lahore, Pakistan

    ISUWU academic program:

    Overall speaking, the courses were intensive and interactive; the professors probably condensed what is taught in a period of semester over a period of five days. The courses were well organized and expectations were clearly communicated. Overall, I believe my learning curve has immensely improved in this short period of time. It was easy to adjust and become part of the class discussions since everybody and was open and friendly.  

    ISUWU leisure program:

    I cannot forget to mention the hiking trip where I wanted frequent breaks during the hike and had to make everybody wait because of myself.  With immense support from ISU team members and fellow classmates, I was able to make it to the hill top and was thrilled to see beautiful views of Vienna. In the end, I felt it was totally worth the effort we made to reach there.

    ISUWU program in general:

    Just like any new place, initially I struggled a little bit and it took me a few days to adjust to the place where I was staying. However, the transition was smooth due to consistent support of the ISU WU team. A big thank you to the ISU WU Team members that always made sure I was having a comfortable time.

    Farah Ibrahim

    ISUWU August Session
    American University in Cairo
    Cairo, Egypt

    ISUWU academic program:

    Joining the ISUWU has been an enriching experience on both the academic and personal levels. The academic courses deepened my knowledge in my field of study. Moreover, the discussions and group work with other international students like myself helped me broaden my perspective on numerous issues as well as developing my critical thinking skills. The diversity within the classroom created a challenging environment where everyone tried to share and communicate their thoughts as clear as they can.

    ISUWU leisure program:

    In addition, the social program was packed with amazing activities: from palaces and museums to hiking, a wine tavern visit and a brewery tour. Exploring Vienna, the food, the culture and the arquitecture was such a pleasure.

    ISUWU program in general:

    I’m going back home and leaving a piece of my heart in this delightful city and its amazing people and atmosphere. I got the chance to make friends from literally every continent and built a global network. Until we meet again, Vienna!

    2017 ISUWU Student Testimonials

    Ms. Purity Namasaka, ISUWU July Session
    Strathmore Business School, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

    ISUWU academic program:
    The academic program was informative and it gave a new perspective with regard to financial markets, business strategy and project management. The program though is quite intensive, having the practicability aspect, which for the first time I can say I relate classroom knowledge and industrial applicability. The lecturers knew their stuff.

    ISUWU leisure program:
    The leisure program was the best part of the summer program which to be sincere made me fall in love with Austria ( a country that I had little interest before joining the summer program). The leisure program gave me the opportunity to build friendships with other students. Most memorable leisure program -> International Cultural Evening and the visit to the twin museums.

    ISUWU program in general:
    Having been the first summer program I have attended to be sincere it gave me a full tuition scholarship that has enabled me for the first time in my life to travel outside my home country (Kenya). What more can I ask for: It was and is still more than enough. The academic programs are well tailored for industrial fit. I will definitely recommend the International Summer University as the summer university of choice.

    Ms. Marian Chatoro, ISUWU July Session
    Strathmore Business School, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

    ISUWU academic program:
    The academic program was quite thorough, and I was impressed especially since every course had to be covered in just a week. I liked the mix of the lectures, company visits and presentations; all of which were truly enlightening.

    ISUWU leisure program:
    The leisure program was also extensive, with numerous activities planned for the students. It was great to know more about Austria and to visit the important landmarks. I especially loved going for the hike!

    ISUWU program in general:
    The International Summer University program is great, and I am honoured to have been part of it. I have learnt what I would otherwise learn in a semester in just 3 weeks and I find myself applying ot to real life situations. My gratitude to the ISUWU team!

    Ms. Xueru Chen, ISUWU August Session
    Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, China

    ISUWU academic program:
    ISUWU curriculum was very professional and interesting, bringing us a comprehensive and diverse understanding of management and business. Global and multicultural learning perspective was quite a challenge for me.

    ISUWU leisure program:
    ISUWU has prepared a variety of extracurricular activities for us. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and magnificient architecture of Vienna, and had a wonderful time with friends from various countries.

    ISUWU program in general:
    I spent a wonderful and intensive three weeks in ISUWU 2017! With classmates from more than 20 countries, I got a deeper and international understanding of business and management, and also achieved a self-breakthrough.

    Mrs. Jacqueline Kamukuendjanje, ISUWU August Session
    University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa

    ISUWU academic program:
    A very intense and interesting program simplifying complex concepts so that students from different backgrounds and culture can understand and apply.

    ISUWU leisure program:
    The program enabled me to make friends from different continents, learn about other cultures and experience the beautiful city of Vienna.

    ISUWU program in general:
    The program is well organized, the lecturers have deep insight on the subject matter. They are not just giving theory, they give tools for application. In addition, the assistants have servant hearts and always ready to assist.