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This comprehensive, online faculty development program will provide participants with all the tools necessary to create and launch action learning, project-based courses. The training is presented in both a synchronous (flipped classroom) and asynchronous (self-paced practicum) structure. Participants will be provided with content, power point presentations with course work that are team and facilitator reviewed, followed by a review and discussion with the facilitators and other participants across the four key modules:

The training program is six consecutive weeks with six formal class sessions and six self-paced practicum sessions. Facilitators and GBSN’s Experiential Learning Advisory Board will provide customized coaching and mentoring for participants. Participants will receive a certificate of completion. As the beta group, facilitators and GBSN will be soliciting regular feedback throughout the program.

In addition to the synchronous class sessions, self-paced practicum exercises that collectively result in project-based course creation and delivery methods, participants receive (for program and future use) five toolkits. Each tool kit contains a set of resources that also function as guides for future curriculum development.

There are five high-value benefits that this training provides:

  • Expertise

    U.S.-branded expertise of the facilitator’s background, practitioner experience and schools following this proven and effective learning approach designed by the facilitator (Booth/University of Chicago, Kellogg/Northwestern, Stern/New York University). General Electric also adopted this learning model for their corporate student learning lab regarded as the best practice public-private partnership (P3s).

  • Toolkits

    Participants receive five toolkits for program and future use. Each toolkit contains a set of resources that also function as guides for future curriculum development.

  • Availability

    This is a unique program that is not available to most business schools in developing countries.

  • Comprehensiveness

    Receive training on all the action learning components including the process and the content/curriculum development. A certificate of completion will be awarded to each participate.

  • Personal Coaching

    Recognized subject matter experts, including the facilitator, will provide team and individual coaching/mentoring throughout the ACT program.

What Tools Will I Receive From This Training?

  • Tool Kit I: Pedagogy Strategy Development

    Evaluation Continuum–course learning objectives and relevant, experiential content
    Skill Outcome Taxonomy

  • Tool Kit II: Course Creation and Delivery

    Calendar for Course Development
    Illustrative Syllabi (for each structure in best practices’ model)
    Sample course descriptions to promote the course
    Team Configuration Comparative Matrix

  • Tool Kit III: Project Mentor/Coach Guidelines

    Project Acquisition and Recruitment
    Project Charter Template
    Recruiting Project Sponsors
    Identifying and Selecting Project Coaches

  • Tool Kit IV: Student Resources

    Project Management Tools
    Project Information Sources (internal and external)
    Reflections and Insights Student Assignments
    In-class Project Presentation Templates

  • Tool Kit V: Participant References

    Power Point Presentations
    Team and Facilitator’s Feedback on Exercises

Who Should Take This Training?

Business marketing and strategy faculty, instructors, facilitators, etc. who want to increase the experiential learning and application component of their teaching by selecting from proven course models.

This Training Will Help You To

  • Integrate into an existing class, a real-world business situation as the foundation for a group project

    Students identify a company and solve a business issue
    Faculty/school assist student teams identifying company/organization

  • Integrate into an existing class, a client-based group project

    Faculty/school/alumni identify client and scope project for course

  • Create a new class that has a client-based group project as the central focus of the class

    Participating organizations are provided by a partner to the university

While all participants will receive training on each model, teams will be formed based on participants’ course model preference.

What are the Major Outcomes?


Learning by Doing.
At the conclusion of the training, each participant is expected to have developed a project-based class that is 100% ready to offer with the knowledge, skills, and practice to be successful.

Meet the Facilitator

Terri C. Albert

Founder & CEO
Fresh Set of Eyes
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Program Cost


The online format is a great opportunity for those with a limited faculty development budget. The pilot program is a one-time opportunity for faculty to partake in the training free of charge. Please note that there is a limit of 20 participants.

All future iterations of the Action-Based Curriculum Training program will be offered at a cost.


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