Case Writing Small Grant Competition: Finance, Cybersecurity & Risk Management in the Developing World

Awards: $5,000 per case, (1 teaching case, 2 research cases) up to 3 awards ($15,000 maximum)

Case topic: Bank Management, Cybersecurity & Risk Management in the developing world


GBSN and the SWIFT Institute are partnering to develop 3 case studies looking at cybersecurity and wholesale banking in emerging economies. Financial institutions in emerging markets tend to lack the expertise and resources to develop and maintain a robust cybersecurity function. However, when a bank lacks this infrastructure and there is a security breach, the problem becomes global affecting banks across borders. In 2018, losses from cyberattacks were predicted to top $1.6 trillion and could reach as high as $6 trillion by 2021.[1]

The threat of cybersecurity raises several questions for financial institutions and how they interact with each other, in particular for those based in emerging economies. These three case studies will examine ways in which these financial institutions minimize this risk, and they will be a means to share best practices that these institutions use to mitigate the aforementioned risks.  The research case studies will be distributed by the SWIFT Institute, while the teaching case will be available for instructional purposes.

Applications are open globally and applicants must be faculty members at GBSN member schools with a background and interest in finance, cybersecurity and/or risk management. They must be able to research, write and deliver up to three cases: one case for classroom teaching purposes and two cases for research online distribution purposes. The grant amount is $5000.00 USD per case. An individual school may only apply for an award of one case study, a consortium of schools/individuals may apply for an award of up to three case studies for a total of $15,000 USD. The case studies should include financial institutions from different countries (i.e. no two case studies should be about institutions from the same geography). Finally, please note that the SWIFT Institute and GBSN can be of assistance in introducing the case writers to potential case protagonists in their country of preference. It is expected that aliases will be used in order to preserve the financial institutions’ privacy.


Requirements of cases to be delivered:

  • Case title and brief abstract
  • The two (2) research cases should be 6 to 10 pages in length, with graphs incorporated into the document and without appendices for online publishing and distribution

  • The teaching case should be 6-8 pages in length, with appendices and a 2-page teaching note that includes the following sections: learning objectives, target group, teaching strategy, questions for discussion, analysis of data, and any additional background reading.

  • The cases will be owned and distributed by GBSN and the SWIFT Institute, permission to publish and release will be given on a case by case basis.


To be considered for the Grant Competition, candidates should submit the following:

  • Updated resume / CV of case writer(s)
  • Cover letter that should include a summary of related research, proposed partners, case topics and countries of interest
  • Detail the number of proposed cases to be written (1-3), and whether this will be for a teaching case or a research case

Small grant review criteria:

  • Expertise of proposed case writers (10 points)
  • Strength of proposed partners (5 points)
  • Diversity of geography (5 points)
  • Proposed case topics (5 points)

Submit your application by the end of October 31, 2019 to Fayrouz Hares at

Notifications will be made by end of November 2019.

Cases to be delivered by: May 2020.