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Wits Business School Launches First Executive Education Program in Digital Business in South Africa

GBSN member school Wits Business School recently launched its new executive education program in Digital Business, which will be the first program of its kind in South Africa. Together with the digital solutions company BCX, a subsidiary of the Telkom Group, the programs have been designed to train 205 junior, middle and senior managers at BCX. The different programs Future Leaders in Digital Business, Digital Business Management and Digital Business Executive Programme will start in March and last around 24 days in duration, completed in study blocks. The participants will graduate at end of February 2019.

“The programmes have been designed to equip businesses with skills, knowledge and insight into the future world of work, specifically training managers to lead on all fronts in an era of rapid and unpredictable digitalisation,” says Professor Brian Armstrong, Head of the BCX Chair in Digital Business at WBS. “This is an exciting venture for WBS, the Chair of Digital Business and Executive Education. It is a privilege to work with BCX in creating this new programme,” he concludes.

The programs can be redesigned to fit the needs of any organization and will be offered online and ‘on-campus’, for companies and individuals. Next to digital marketing strategies and financial strategies, the programs focus on the social impact and consequences of digitalization.

“Working in the digital world does not only mean how to develop new strategies or market digitally and understand the financials of digital; it also means how, fundamentally, we and our customers remain human, how we anticipate and mitigate social consequences of digitisation, and how we understand the environmental costs and benefits of the digital world.”Brian Armstrong, Head of the BCX Chair in Digital Business, Wits Business Schoo

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Lena Hoffmeister is the Communications Intern at the Global Business School Network.