Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals closes April 30, 2020

Motivated to address the most pressing needs of society and enabled by digital innovation, business schools have been redefining the boundaries of their work. Many are at the forefront of efforts to rethink business as an engine of innovation for tackling the grand challenges of society. Similarly, business education has been on the front lines when it comes to the fault lines of globalization, pressing forward with international collaboration, global recruitment, and cross-cultural education. Covid-19 has shown perhaps more than ever, the need for this work to continue and adapt at an accelerated pace. While the pandemic continues to present many uncertainties, consensus builds that this is a transformational moment. How will business education help to shape and inform the new normal that awaits us all? This conference is about the bold efforts of leading business schools to move beyond business and borders to positively impact society and generate inclusive and sustainable growth. Our highly interactive sessions provide participants with the practical tools and knowledge they can apply in their own work. We invite you to come with us on this journey as we explore the world of tomorrow, today.

This year’s GBSN conference will convene global leaders in academia, government, and industry to collectively explore the critical role of business and entrepreneurship education in our global future. Participants will push beyond traditional confines to share ideas and opportunities for generating greater global impact, especially in the most rapidly growing and developing areas of the world. Through bold visionary speakers from academia and beyond, along with hands-on interactive breakout sessions, we invite you to come with us on this journey as we explore the world of tomorrow, today.

Some important questions that will be addressed include:

  • Are business schools ready to take a lead role in transforming business and addressing the most pressing challenges facing humankind?

  • How do we provide management and entrepreneurship education that is both effective and accessible?

  • Can business schools be a significant catalyst for innovation and job creation that leads to inclusive and sustainable development?

Key Dates

  • February 10, 2020

    Call for Proposals Opens

  • April 30, 2020

    Call for Proposals Closes

  • May 25, 2020

    Selected speakers are notified

  • June 4, 2020

    Selected speakers to confirm acceptance


GBSN seeks a diversity of perspectives for conference sessions across 3 sub-themes in 2 interactive format types.

  • How are business schools engaging in projects that directly and positively impact communities both locally and internationally?
  • To what extent are business schools connecting with other disciplines, such as engineering and public policy, to address important issues and challenges?
  • What are business schools doing to provide more continuous and lifelong learning, as well as respond to the increasing recognition of micro-credentials?

Session Formats

  • Innovation Showcases (Individual Speaker):

    These short, practical showcases of innovative approaches to management education will be featured in 3 concurrent sessions on Thursday, November 12th.  A Q&A portion will follow all presentations. Presenters are asked to share relevant and transferable examples of how their business school is addressing some aspect of the conference theme.  Presenters are asked to share relevant and transferable examples of how their business school is addressing some aspect of the conference theme.

    • Duration: 15 minutes per presentation
    • 9 proposals will be selected to be included on the conference agenda.
  • Breakout Sessions (Individual Speaker or Panel): 

    Break-out Sessions include short presentations and facilitated discussions around the design, delivery, promotion, impact or administration of management education relevant to the conference theme. Examples could include working across disciplines in your institution, promoting executive education with an ethical stance, building a sector-specific program in collaboration with industry, etc. Panels that are composed of stakeholders from business schools, private and public sector organizations are encouraged. Proposals can be submitted as a full panel or as an individual speaker. Individual speakers with similar topics will be combined into one session as appropriate.

    • Duration: 1 hour 20 mins
    • Up to 6 sessions will be chosen for inclusion on the conference agenda.

How to Submit a Session Proposal

Note: Session moderators, presenters and facilitators will receive a discounted registration fee of $450.

Proposals are required to be submitted through the online form. Submissions must include:

  • Proposed Session Title (15-word limit)
  • Preferred Session Format (Innovation Showcase, Breakout Session)
  • Overview of session content that includes the objectives and what participants will take away from the session (250-word limit)
  • Description of the interactive structure of your session and how attendees will be meaningfully engaged (250-word limit)
  • Additional session contributors (if applicable)
  • Name and contact information for the main point of contact of the proposal

Submit a Session Proposal

Click the button below to submit a session proposal.
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2020

Submit a Proposal

General Information

  • Applicants may submit more than one proposal. In the case of multiple submissions, only one proposal can be selected for inclusion on the conference agenda. Every effort will be made to ensure diversity of perspectives and expertise is represented on the agenda.
  • GBSN Membership is not required to submit a proposal; however, priority consideration is given to proposals that include faculty or staff from a GBSN Member School.
  • Organizations and higher education institutions that have not presented at or attended a GBSN Annual Conference in the past are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal.
  • GBSN reserves the right to recommend changes to submissions upon consultation with applicants.
  • The GBSN Annual Conference Steering Committee does not peer-review research or publications. Research, cases and other publications submitted should have relevance to the selected theme and are not required to be exclusive to this conference. Authors of published contributions will keep the original copyright to their work (conference organizers request one-time permission to publish the works in the proceedings and to share presentations online). Abstracts may be included on GBSN’s website and conference reports.
  • Speakers whose proposals are chosen will receive a code for a significant discount on conference registration. GBSN does not cover speaker fees, travel or accommodation.


Questions regarding the Call for Proposals and the submission process may be sent to Nicole Zefran at