We foster cross-border connections between business schools.

We engage our members to build the capacity of schools in the developing world.

We advance and advocate for management education’s impact on development efforts.

Business Schools

GBSN helps management educators around the globe to connect, learn and share with their international peers.

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International Development

GBSN partners with corporations, foundations and aid agencies to enhance international development efforts.

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Thought Leaders

GBSN works with global leaders to advance management education’s role in economic and social development.

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“In over 40 years as a development economist at the World Bank I saw vast amounts of money, resources and human potential go to waste. It wasn’t just money these emerging markets needed, but human capacity to effectively manage resources and productively lead teams.”Guy Pfeffermann, Founder, Global Business School Network

Cutting a Path to Prosperity

How Education Pioneers are Building Better Business Schools For the Developing World…And Why

Can Business Education Change the World?

Three Powerful Stories of the Impact GBSN’s Work has on People’s Lives

There have been a number of pioneers throughout the years who have found ways to establish successful institutions to teach management and business in its various forms with the goal of improving the economic outlook for their country.

This publication shares and analyzes 12 of their stories, and posits a future path for management education pioneers to come.

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Member Schools

Over 70 leading business schools on 6 continents have joined GBSN’s unique network, affirming their commitment to improving access to quality, locally relevant management education.

Corporate Leadership Council

These forward thinking companies support the work GBSN does to advance management education for the developing world.


Foundations, academic networks, accreditation bodies and development organizations partner with GBSN to advance mutual goals of economic and social development around the world.

““The reason that we partner with GBSN is because we share a common worldview. Most notably, we have the common goal of developing leaders who can apply international best practice with local relevance. We do this as a business, but we also do it as a philanthropy.”

Michael Bzdak, Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson