Engage in research that has a positive impact on sustainable development and participate in workshops to new skills for teaching business and management. On the research side, GBSN offers an array and projects, programs, and learning communities to address important business and management problems in and about the developing world. On the teaching side, GBSN offers workshops, webinars, and other programs to develop valuable skills.

CIPE-GBSN Anti-Corruption Research Partnership

Through its work with its Anti-Corruption and Governance Center, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) seeks to improve understanding of how corporate anti-corruption training impacts companies that implement anti-corruption initiatives, to harness the research of business schools around the globe in developing anti-corruption programs, and to provide feedback that will refine CIPEā€™s anti-corruption program design and development. CIPE and GBSN funded research to understand how anti-corruption interventions such as anti-corruption compliance training and the implementation of internal anti-bribery rules and controls influence individual and organizational behavior and performance.

Numbers & Words: Investigating the Effectiveness of Anti- Corruption Training in Nigeria

Initiative and Challenges of Corruption Prevention in Corporations: A Lesson Learned from Indonesia

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