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Ashesi University Faculty Job Openings – Engineering, Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics & Business, Humanities & Social Sciences

At Ashesi, we are committed to redefining higher education in Africa by fostering a culture of innovation, integrity, and community engagement. We invite passionate educators, professionals, and visionary leaders to join our diverse team and contribute to a vibrant, inclusive environment where students are empowered to contribute to a flourishing Africa. Learn more about opportunities for joining our team below. 

Engineering Faculty Roles

The engineers tasked to solve society’s problems have to be entrepreneurs who can see through challenges and build solutions. They must be ethical and responsible, and see the short and long term effects of their decisions on society and the environment. They also have to be leaders who can communicate their ideas and work with teams to solve problems. Ashesi’s Engineering Department is driven by a mission to train such engineers. The department currently offers degrees in Computer, Electrical and Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering.

Computer Science Faculty Roles

In an increasingly tech-driven world, the ability to respond to technological change and build tech tools will be key skills required to succeed. The Computer Science department at Ashesi helps students build the foundational skills necessary to build life-long careers in tech and information systems management. The department offers two majors, in Management Information Systems and Computer Science. 

Business and Economics Faculty Roles

As new technological advances and an increasingly global economy transform the way businesses operate, it is extremely important for Africa to train the leaders who can help it thrive and grow opportunities through such changes. The goal is that Ashesi’s Economics and Business graduates will be prepared to play active, diverse roles, to shape the growth of the continent’s economies, businesses and organisations. The department designs and teaches the courses which help achieve this goal.

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Roles

Ashesi’s core curriculum consists of interdisciplinary courses designed and taught by the Humanities and Social Sciences department. It is always evolving, but typically includes courses in the areas of leadership and communication, technology, entrepreneurship and problem solving, history and philosophy. At Ashesi, interdisciplinary learning extends beyond the classroom through service learning, which gives students an opportunity to solve problem in communities across Ghana and Africa, and in so doing, build the empathy and confidence that come from confronting and solving pressing problems in our society. 

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