Business schools do much more than educate managers and entrepreneurs. They conduct research and directly engage their communities.


To enable business schools to profoundly impact sustainable development worldwide—through education, research, and community engagement.

Our vision reinforces the central role of business schools to our mission. Our efforts to connect them to business, government, and non-profit organizations is viewed as a critical enabler, one that accelerates innovation, augments capabilities, and amplifies impact.

Our vision also recognizes that the need for sustainable development is not restricted to lower income countries, or any specific geography. Even the most advanced economies in the industrialized north are challenged to develop or change in ways that are sustainable. Indeed, we recognize that our experiences in developing and emerging economies can be a source of innovation for developed ones.

We aspire to be “stewards of research models that are more relevant for the developing world, and sustainable development more generally.” Our vision appreciates that our potential for impact can be direct, by channeling the students, scholars, and leaders at business schools into our communities to do work and catalyze innovations that make a difference.


To improve access to quality, locally-relevant management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world.

The Global Business School Network is a nonprofit organization that partners with business schools, industry, foundations and aid agencies to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education for the developing world.

Within the context of the emerging economies mission, GBSN builds activities, programs and projects that enable the creation of new knowledge, provide meaningful international experiences, and build relationships that can transform management education, as well as provide broad visibility to our member schools as a champion and change maker for economic and social development.

Our international events and capacity building programs engage our network members to advise, train and mentor regional educators. And through publication, partnership and speaking opportunities we advocate for the importance of management education in economic and social development efforts.

Global Network of 100+ business schools in 50+ countries with 1 mission.

With a growing network of over 100 leading business schools on 6 continents, we foster cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration both within our network membership and with the broader business education and development communities.