GBSN is an international development nonprofit with a network of leading business schools around the globe. GBSN’s work in three intersecting areas leverages that network to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education, creating a long-term impact on development.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

GBSN fosters cross-border connections and knowledge sharing both between our member schools, and from our membership to the broader business education community.

Capacity Building Programs

GBSN engages leading business schools to advise, train and mentor peers in the developing world. We partner with development and industry leaders to customize programs that address the needs of each institution and community.

  • Faculty Mentoring and Training
  • International Advisors
  • Feasibility and Capacity Studies
  • Program Design and Review
  • Experiential Learning Programs
  • Case Study Teaching and Writing

Thought Leadership

GBSN promotes the value of management, and local management education, in development efforts and supports the advancement business schools around the globe.

  • Presentations at International Conferences
  • Publications
  • Strategic Partnerships