GBSN Projects are designed to build capacity for management and entrepreneurship education. Projects are often supported by business, foundation, and government grants, implemented by member business schools, and administered by GBSN staff. Projects include building and scaling programs, conducting feasibility studies, creating and delivering training programs, building partnerships and associations, and more.

Mobile Management Development Institute (eMDI) Program

Assisting African ministries of health in implementing national health priorities through management and leadership training for healthcare workers.We help creative entrepreneurs build their digital business by focusing on three key elements of a successful online platform.

Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship Education & Training +

The GEET+ Action Strategy incorporates Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship Education & Training evidence-based insights to construct inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems as drivers for the economic empowerment of girls, women and other disadvantaged groups. Led by the Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada), the GEET+ Action Strategy pilot project has been launched to adapt, test and refine the GEET+ scorecard in Peru, Mexico, Kenya and Nigeria.


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Work with GBSN.

Partners are organizations that collaborate meaningfully with GBSN on projects and programs to achieve the mission. They work with GBSN on projects, provide financial support for projects and programs, and bring expertise and innovative approaches to both.

Provide funding support through grants and sponsorships

Host events, trainings and workshops

Offer or support training programs and opportunities that support the GBSN mission

Collaborate to do research in line the GBSN mission