Leading Beyond Our Organizations

In an HBS Podcast, Carter Roberts, President & CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) encouraged corporate leaders “to not just think about their own company, to not just think about their own footprint, but to embrace both the promise and expectation that they be a force for good in the world that goes way beyond… Read more >

Revealing Research Questions the Impact of African Business Schools

According to new research, undertaken by Foster-Pedley and released today in Casablanca by Henley Africa as the ‘Amplifying the Impact of African Business Schools’ white paper, African institutions have the potential to embrace a broader and more strategic role in society.

Mission to Change Podcast

Mission to Change What are the personal journeys of people behind business as a force for good? Join our Founding Executive Director, Katell Le Goulven, every month as she speaks to inspiring figures who have transformed their businesses and initiatives to drive positive change. What were their challenges, why did they choose to walk the… Read more >

INSEAD focuses on Gender Inequity Issues at ChangeNOW 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, INSEAD was the major academic partner of the ChangeNOW Summit (19th May – 21st May). At the world’s largest event for the planet, with more than 33,000 participants in person from 117 countries and 742 million online views, INSEAD unveiled brand new academic research at the Grand Palais Ephemere. This year’s edition of ChangeNOW, founded by… Read more >

INSEAD’s EcoVadis Gold Medal: Recognition for Walking the Talk on Sustainability

INSEAD is continuing to walk the talk with sustainability as we celebrate a recently awarded EcoVadis Gold Medal. Transforming business education, to ensure sustainability is at the core, is a long journey. Following INSEAD’s long standing commitment to develop responsible business leaders, the school is actively engaged in promoting sustainability initiatives. These initiatives are reflected… Read more >

Are Business Schools Working Together?

“The scientists are coming together to think about moonshots. But we, in business schools, are still working separately.” said Peter Tufano when Soumitra Dutta and I interviewed him for our book, “The World After Covid”, April 2020, during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Do you agree with him? Of course, business schools do… Read more >

GBSN-CFTE: Center for Excellence in FinTech

“CFTE and GBSN co-develop the world’s first Center for Excellence in Fintech, connecting academia to practice to accelerate the development of Fintech education” As Fintech is becoming more prominent in financial services, training programs from government and universities must continuously evolve. It’s in that context that GBSN and CFTE announce their collaboration to promote Fintech… Read more >