MIT Offers Lag-User Method Course Developed by Nova SBE Researchers

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The Lag-User Method, developed by researchers Sara Jahanmir and Professor Luis Filipe Lages from the Nova School of Business and Economics, will be the core of the MIT course, LAG-USER METHOD: USING LATE ADOPTERS AS A SOURCE OF INNOVATIVE IDEAS. The course will be offered in the MIT-SUTD program, collaboration between MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design. The Lag-User Method involves incorporating the unique perspectives of late adopters in the process of idea generation, new product development and market development. It challenges current new product development, open and user innovation practices, and proposes late adopters and laggards, the … Read More

The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education

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The Future MBA is about rethinking and reinventing business schools to ensure that they train the kinds of sustainability leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that our businesses and the planet need. We need a new generation of graduates who are not only aware of, but can play a key role in moving the sustainability agenda forward and business schools are ideally placed to do this. The Future MBA brings together 100 ideas on how to rethink management education in order to embed sustainability. Rather than a roadmap, the 100 ideas are meant to be a source of inspiration. Some ideas … Read More

Greetings from Guy: The Power of Working Across Borders

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Last year, business schools in Kabul and Phnom Penh joined the Network as the first members from those countries, enriching its unique potential for melding experiences across far-flung regions of the world. GBSN works in three intersecting areas: networking and knowledge sharing, capacity building programs and thought leadership, to promote the importance of management education in economic and social development efforts. To enrich such international collaboration myself, GBSN staff, advisors and members present at international conferences in both the business education and development sectors. In 2016 my GBSN colleagues were active in Accra for our Annual Conference, Minsk for one of … Read More

Member Spotlight: AUN Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

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This blog was written by Ahmad Hosseini, Dean of American University of Nigeria School of Business and Economics. He reflects on his experience participating in the AUN Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.  In this five days of event I had extraordinary opportunity to meet and work with about 200 young high school students from seven different high school in the Yola area who attended our Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp. I saw the energy and optimism that these kids brought to our boot camp. The last day of the boot camp was the day when students met the investors and pitch for their … Read More

GBSN Grants Membership to Kardan University – 1st Member School in Afghanistan

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The Global Business School Network welcomes Kardan University’s admittance as its newest member school. Kardan University is the first member school from Afghanistan, taking our network to 74 members in 37 countries. GBSN continues to the expand its global network and looks forward to engaging Kardan University in various network activities with the aim to add value to the school’s international efforts and partnerships. Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, Kardan University has made significant strides in becoming a successful private business institution. In 2002, Kardan was established as an institute of higher education and it was registered as the first private … Read More

Mouhamed Moustapha Dieye Joins GBSN Academic Advisory Board

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GBSN is pleased to welcome Mouhamed Moustapha Dieye, Academic Director of the ISM Group Dakar, to the GBSN Academic Advisory Board. Mouhamed Moustapha DIEYE holds a Ph.D. in Socio-Anthropology, a Ph.D. in Sociology and a Master of Philosophy from the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. He capitalises twenty years in lecturing and research and fifteen years in the accreditation and recognition processes of programs and diplomas. Within the ISM Group, Professor Dièye has successively held the positions of Director of the doctoral school, Academic Director, President of the Academic Control Quality Unit and has been Managing Director of the … Read More

The Academy of Management Launches New ListServe focusing on Emerging Markets

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The Academy of Management recently established a new ListServe focusing on Emerging Markets. The target audiences are researchers, academics, students, policy makers, and business practitioners of emerging markets. The list is managed by Ilan Alon (University of Agder) and Bersant Hobdari (Copenhagen Business School). The purpose of the list is to generate discussion and scholarly exchange among researchers and practitioners of emerging markets business, relating to topical issues affecting these regions, current events and state-of-the-art research in this area. Topics will relate to business in emerging markets from multidisciplinary (international business, economics, finance, marketing, human resources, organizational behavior and management) … Read More

GBSN Fellow: Zen Lessons On Online Learning from OU

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GBSN Member, The Open University Business School is hosting four faculty fellowships from Lagos Business School. The fellows are Ogechi Adeola, Yetunde Anibaba, Nubi Achebo and Obinna Muogboh. The four of them are staying with at the university for 6 weeks during November and December of 2016. This is the fourth and final guest blog from fellow Nubi Achebo. Dr. Nubi Achebo is the Director for Instructional Design and Technology at Lagos Business School. Nubi is passionate about providing impactful learning and development solutions to organizations. He has extensive leadership and management development experience working at Lagos Business School and … Read More

Reflections From My Internship at the Global Business School Network

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By: Nina Ferguson I am so grateful to have spent the past semester interning for GBSN. Over the past couple of months a lot has changed for me. This internship has been meaningful as I am about to enter the ‘real world’. This daunting idea is slowly diminishing after having such an incredible time with the GBSN team. As a Business major at American University with a specialization in Marketing, this internship aligned perfectly with my growing interest for external communication, social media marketing, and planning the logistics for international events. Each task that was assigned to me consisted of … Read More

Impact of Agribusiness Management Program on Cassava Production in Ghana

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This blog was written by Marian Tandoh Wordey, the Business Development Advisor for CAVA – Cassava Adding Value to Africa, a cassava value chain project where she directly supervises field business facilitators in cassava value chains within the southern sector of Ghana. Marian recently participated as a panelist in the Agribusiness Dialogue Breakout Session at the GBSN/EFMD Joint Conference in Africa this past November. Her bio is below. Marian Tandoh Wordey is a Business Development Expert and Agri-business specialist with over 13 years of experience, working with Multi-National Agro-Processing company, Agri-business and Value Chain projects, SMEs, etc. She has a … Read More