Member Spotlight: Great Lakes Institute of Management launches Great Lakes International University

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SOURCE:           GBSN member school The Great Lakes Institute of Management recently launched the Great Lakes International University in Andhra Pradesh. The launch of this new university proposes a unique educational experience that integrates the basics of management with cutting edge technology. In acknowledging the emerging complex problems involved in today’s business world, Great Lakes International University hopes to take on these problems through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes research and education. The institution will offer an undergraduate business degree with specializations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce & Supply Chain, Financial Analysis Technology. Additionally, … Read More

MIT Sloan School of Management’s Healthcare Lab Focuses on Transforming the Industry

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The healthcare industry is going through a massive transformation as its emphasis shifts from transactional care for sick patients to continuous health management of patient populations. This transformation requires the development of new technologies, businesses, and clinical models as well as the emergence of new players in the healthcare industry. At the MIT Sloan School of Management, students learn first-hand about this evolution through its cutting-edge Healthcare Lab (H-Lab). Now in its fourth year, the course provides MIT students with a multidisciplinary action-learning approach to understanding the business challenges and opportunities in healthcare, … Read More

Member Spotlight: UVA Darden Launches New MOOC on Financial Accounting Fundamentals

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GBSN member school, The University of Virginia Darden School of Business has recently launched a new MOOC, “Financial Accounting Fundamentals,” a five-week beginner level course taught by Luann Lynch, Almand R. Coleman Professor of Business Administration. Beginning on March 27, 2017, the course will be available to a global audience via the Coursera platform. The course does not require any prior experience with accounting and is designed for anyone with an interest in the fundamentals of financial accounting. Grounded in the financial records of a fictitious small business, the course will guide students through the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement … Read More

Amédée Prouvost Appointed to the GBSN Board of Directors

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Amédée Prouvost, the Director of Operational Risk at The World Bank Group, has been appointed to the GBSN Board of Directors. Since joining the World Bank, he has served as Senior Adviser to the Group CFO, Director for Risk Management & CFO of MIGA (the political risk insurance arm of the Group), Finance Manager for IDA and the HIPC Debt Reduction Initiative, and Financial Representative in Europe. He also worked in a variety of roles in the World Bank’s Treasury, on both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet. He holds an MBA (with distinction) from Wharton, a … Read More

GBSN Welcomes 2 New Schools from Ghana and Kyrgyzstan

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The Global Business School Network welcomes two new member schools: The Ghana Institute of Management and Public and Administration (GIMPA) in Ghana and the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) in Kyrgyzstan taking the network to 73 schools in 36 countries. These two schools become the first GBSN members from Ghana and Kyrgyzstan. GBSN looks forward to engage GIMPA and American University of Central Asia to help further each school’s international goals through different forms of collaboration within the network. GIMPA started off as a joint Ghana/Government/United Nations Special Fund Project in 1961, but since then has grown and transformed … Read More

Cave Hill School of Business Becomes Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management

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On December 6th, 2016 The Cave Hill School of Business Inc. at The University of the West Indies was officially renamed in honor of its major benefactor and long-term strategic supporter, Sagicor Financial Corporation. The renaming was the final phase of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities, established on 18th July, 2013. For twenty-five years, the institution formerly known as The Cave Hill School of Business Inc. at The University of the West Indies (CHSB-UWI) has remained committed to the mission of developing the region’s human capital to ensure that businesses can successfully compete, regionally and internationally. Through … Read More

This Year’s Annual Conference: The Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development

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This year’s annual conference ( will go back to the raison d’être of GBSN: the intersections between business education and development. Everyone knows what “business education” is, but “development” is one of those fuzzy Alice-in-Wonderland words that mean very different things to different people. Sociologists, psychologists, engineers, economists, political scientists and others each think of “development” in very different ways; not even within academic disciplines is there consensus on what constitutes “development”. One of my economics professors used to say that, like a giraffe, it is very hard to describe a developing country but when you see one, you know … Read More

MIT Offers Lag-User Method Course Developed by Nova SBE Researchers

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The Lag-User Method, developed by researchers Sara Jahanmir and Professor Luis Filipe Lages from the Nova School of Business and Economics, will be the core of the MIT course, LAG-USER METHOD: USING LATE ADOPTERS AS A SOURCE OF INNOVATIVE IDEAS. The course will be offered in the MIT-SUTD program, collaboration between MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design. The Lag-User Method involves incorporating the unique perspectives of late adopters in the process of idea generation, new product development and market development. It challenges current new product development, open and user innovation practices, and proposes late adopters and laggards, the … Read More

The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education

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The Future MBA is about rethinking and reinventing business schools to ensure that they train the kinds of sustainability leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that our businesses and the planet need. We need a new generation of graduates who are not only aware of, but can play a key role in moving the sustainability agenda forward and business schools are ideally placed to do this. The Future MBA brings together 100 ideas on how to rethink management education in order to embed sustainability. Rather than a roadmap, the 100 ideas are meant to be a source of inspiration. Some ideas … Read More

Greetings from Guy: The Power of Working Across Borders

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Last year, business schools in Kabul and Phnom Penh joined the Network as the first members from those countries, enriching its unique potential for melding experiences across far-flung regions of the world. GBSN works in three intersecting areas: networking and knowledge sharing, capacity building programs and thought leadership, to promote the importance of management education in economic and social development efforts. To enrich such international collaboration myself, GBSN staff, advisors and members present at international conferences in both the business education and development sectors. In 2016 my GBSN colleagues were active in Accra for our Annual Conference, Minsk for one of … Read More