New Member Spotlight: Ecobank Academy

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Operating in all sub-Saharan Africa regions, Ecobank Academy is one of the largest corporate universities in Africa. Each year Ecobank Academy trains more than 14,000 in 40 countries (36 in Africa and 4 out of Africa). 

While it has state of the art campuses across the continent, Ecobank Academy has been an early adopter of digital and virtual learning, and it offers its programs using virtual instructor-led, eLearning and instructor-led.  

Founded in 2012 and became operational in 2014, Ecobank Academy is the first truly pan-African corporate university and is the epicenter of structured, innovative, and sustainable learning.

Moving Executive Education Online: How Much & For How Long?


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On July 1st Prof. Jörg Rocholl, Martin Möhrle, and Dominique Turpin provided an insightful discussion about the future of executive education. For the foreseeable future, executive education will not be able continue with business as usual. The current state of the world demands that educators and educational institutions be creative in delivering their material and engaging their students. 

Chairman’s Corner: Thriving in Technological Disruption with Outside-In Innovation

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where do we stand in business schools in the face of technological disruption? In response to the Covid crisis, we have just witnessed a rapid acceleration of the deployment of digital technologies in our teaching programs. Business school leaders now concede that online education will be a very important component of their future program portfolios. However, the disruptions being caused by digital technologies is much more than just in the shift of teaching delivery to the Internet.

Innovating in the Midst of COVID-19: Lessons from FEA – University of São Paulo

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Most every business school around the world has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis by providing online instruction in new and enhanced ways. For FEA – University of São Paulo (FEA USP), a public institution, pedagogy is just one example of how the school is adapting to the new environment and connecting its knowledge to the needs of society. “We were able to adapt very quickly to teaching online,” explained Moacir de Miranda Oliveira, Head of the Business Administration Department at FEA USP. “Two of my colleagues – Professors Adriana Marotti de Mello and Ana Carolina Rodrigues – came to me … Read More

Business Schools and the Call to Community Action

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On April 15, Chris Yenkey, a professor at the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore Business School reached out to me and several others about disinfecting N95 masks. He and some colleagues had designed a working device that can be made for as little $250 using materials mostly sourced from a local building supply store. The local fire department already was using several units to disinfect hundreds of masks per hour and Chris thought the design (which they made publicly available) could be useful in other places where PPE is in short supply. Last week, we brought Chris together with … Read More

Student Career Growth in the Current Environment: Four Key Practices

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Nearly 25 million jobs could be lost globally due to the coronavirus, according to the UN labor organization. Indeed, a Google search “unemployment coronavirus” returns a steady stream of other harrowing statistics from country to country. These data reflect the daunting realities being faced by graduating students and the career relations professionals who support them.

We reached out to several GBSN member schools and asked to speak with students who have been successful in landing jobs. They felt fortunate and were quick to give credit to the school-based career professionals that helped them. From these conversations, we distilled four key career center actions that were particularly impactful in the current environment.