Woxsen Kavach – A Women Empowerment Project

Women who face violence and abuse needs different kind of aid depending on the type of relief they want. The team tried to categorize these needs according to the penal code of their complaint. The initiative for giving free legal advice and counselling got a very overwhelming response on the first day with 3 counselling… Read more >

Woxsen University to launch Global Citizenship Program

About the Global Citizenship Program: The Global Citizenship Program is a university certificate program that invites students to cultivate an ethical stance, a critical way of thinking, and a committed mode of intervening in a world populated by others with whom we must co-create a viable future. It is a structured educational initiative aimed at promoting… Read more >

Woxsen University Ranks Amongst Top 47 Universities Globally As PRME Champion 2023

HYDERABAD, India, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Woxsen University has been selected as one of the prestigious PRME Champions for 2023, amongst top 47 universities and institutions globally. Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact. The PRME Champions represent a group of dedicated business and management schools globally, committed… Read more >

Woxsen University Established an Educational Excellence and Innovation Centre

An Advisory Board, student teams, and various projects were taken up, focusing on the core pillars of Woxsen: The prime goal of the Board would be to provide insights on how to develop effective learning environments, critical thinking, fostering ethical & humanitarian values and pedagogical innovations. The Board members are a mix of Industry experts,… Read more >

No Longer an Option: Financial Literacy, a CORE Necessity at AUC

Since fall of 2021, AUC School of Business has collaborated with the Academy of Liberal Arts at AUC to offer a Financial Literacy course as part of freshman students’ Core Curriculum. The course is offered as a Core 1099 course (selected topics) every semester and does not have any prerequisites. It is aimed at all… Read more >

A New Life for Milton Friedman’s Pencil

“Look at this lead pencil. There is not a single person in the world who can make this pencil.”  That was Milton Friedman 16 minutes into the first installment of “Free to Choose,” the 1980 television show by the Nobel Laureate and his wife, Rose Friedman. For the next two minutes he told the remarkable… Read more >

Redefining Modern ERS in Higher Education

Woxsen University follows a simple but thorough strategy to create an impact in society built on two constituent processes: PRME Principle Woxsen ERS Principle 1: Purpose Woxsen’s Master of Business Administration Programme aims to sensitise and develop student capability in the area of ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices.  Principle 2: Values Our curriculum and… Read more >

University of Glasgow Celebrates Tercentenary of Adam Smith  

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School is marking the 300th anniversary of pioneering Scot Adam Smith with a year-long celebration of his life, work and influence.   The tercentenary commemoration of The Father of Economics includes a host of events in Scotland and around the world, designed to inspire renewed discussion about Smith’s ideas.  … Read more >

School of Business Hosts 2022 CEMS Graduation at Giza Pyramids

For the first time, AUC’s School of Business hosted the 2022 CEMS Annual Events and Master of International Management (MIM) graduation ceremony at the Pyramids of Giza, celebrating the graduation of more than 1,200 CEMS graduates representing 78 nationalities from 34 business schools around the world.  “We are honored to host such a great event for the… Read more >