Strathmore Business School Launches New Agribusiness Program

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GBSN executive board member school, Strathmore Business School, will launch an agribusiness training program in March of 2018. The program will be the first of its kind available in Africa and aims to provide youth with relevant skills to be successful in the agriculture industry. “The program will integrate both theoretical and industrial relevance to address the current trends in the sector,” said Dr. George Njenga, Dean, Strathmore Business School. Strathmore is partnering with US-based maker of Massey Ferguson tractors and Fortune 500 company AGCO in the two-year agribusiness program. The program will initially target youth ages 20-30 years old. … Read More

Zhejiang University School of Management Hosts 2017 CEEMAN Annual Conference in Hangzhou

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GBSN member school, Zhejiang University School of Management, summarizes program highlights and key takeaways from the 2017 CEEMAN Annual Conference, Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economics. The 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference was co-organized and hosted by Zhejiang University School of Management in Hangzhou, China September 20-22, 2017. More than 130 participants from over 30 countries joined the event, including deans and directors from business schools and universities, representatives of international management development associations, business leaders and entrepreneurs, political leaders and change makers, and international publishers. The conference themed, Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economics … Read More

Reflections: Bangladesh and Romania – A Common Goal but Worlds Apart

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In the early 1990s, I was working for a non-profit public health management consulting organization. Although based in the US, I spent most my time conducting short-term assignments that aimed to strengthen management systems of public, private and NGO providers of health services all over the world. By coincidence, I started two, multi-year engagements with private, non-profit providers of women’s health services at the same time, one in Bangladesh and one in Romania. The objective was to assist them examine their cost and revenue structure and develop strategies to programmatically and financially sustain their organizations. The size and structure of … Read More

Cave Hill School of Business Professor Launches Book “Managing in Developing Countries”

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  For those of us teaching outside of the so-called ‘western world’ these are common complaints. There are many calls for research and teaching that focuses on the non-western world, particularly developing countries. Managing in Developing Countries aims to begin to fill this need, in the classroom, by addressing management issues from the perspective of those who are managers in developing countries. The book will be available in early September from the Taylor & Francis Group (Routledge). It is primarily intended as a text for a basic management course at the undergraduate level; however, it has also been used at … Read More

Exploring the Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development

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Did MBAs cause the global economic crash of 2008? Can the proliferation of entrepreneurship education programs in Africa be the thrust the continent needs to achieve the development economists predicted? Will more business schools in China be able to prepare the next generation of leaders to innovate? These, somewhat provocative, questions speak to the complicated relationship between business education and economic development. In theory, there is a causal relationship between an increase in people educated in business and growth of the economy in which they work. However, in practice the two parts are incorporated in a web of political, social, … Read More

Tribute to Guy Pfeffermann’s Contributions to Global Economic Growth

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GBSN is a member of the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA), which is a consortium of 30 member NGOs that generate more prosperity through partnerships that bring together highly skilled volunteers with people around the globe seeking opportunities for self-reliance. Below is a tribute blog article to GBSN’s founder, Guy Pfeffermann, that VEGA recently published. VEGA wishes to recognize Guy Pfeffermann, founder and head of VEGA Member Global Business School Network (GBSN), for his leadership and untiring commitment to generating economic growth by building institutional capacity through management training. After 15 years at GBSN, Pfeffermann is stepping down as … Read More

Mobile-First Micro-Learning Platform Gnowbe Announces 4 New Global Advisors

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Gnowbe attracts global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning SINGAPORE, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon valley- and Singapore-headquartered start-up Gnowbe, a market leader for mobile-first, micro-learning, today announced the addition of 4 new advisors to join their experienced, global team to help with aggressive growth and development. The new advisors include: Gnowbe attracts global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning (PRNewsfoto/Gnowbe Pte Ltd) Gnowbe attracts global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning (PRNewsfoto/Gnowbe Pte Ltd)   Professor John J-H Kim, Senior Lecturer (EdTech Innovation Expert), Harvard Business … Read More

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) Scholarship Program for High Potentials from Developing Countries

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GBSN works with our member schools to offer opportunities for international exchange, support and development within the network. These member-led initiatives enrich faculty, students and campuses with cross-border connections and help to spread best practice throughout the network. GBSN member school, the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), offered up to 5 scholarships to graduate students enrolled in GBSN member schools from developing countries to its 2017 International Summer University ISUWU. The ISUWU is an intensive short program, which provides international students with an excellent opportunity for international education. A large variety of business-related courses are taught by a … Read More

Johnson & Johnson’s Management Development Institute: Training the New Leaders in Town

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As Program Officer at GBSN, one of the programs I manage is the Management Development Institute (MDI). MDI targets healthcare workers in Sub-Saharan Africa who have assumed management opportunities within their organizations and are looking to improve their management and leadership skills to better lead teams and manages scarce resources. Participants are required to attend a 1-week intensive training and are then expected to complete a Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP) within a year of their return back home. I had the opportunity to see the program first-hand in Cape Town, South Africa. GBSN member school, the University of Cape … Read More

Greetings from Guy: Reflecting on GBSN’s Journey

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The Global Business School Network was launched fifteen years ago and the time has come for my successor, Stephen Sacca, to take the reins of the organization. In these last “Greetings from Guy” I reflect on GBSN’s journey. GBSN is based on a simple idea: that the quality of management matters to economic and social development. We have all suffered from poor management, dealing with airlines, health care providers, public utilities, and so forth. Poor management translates into wasted resources, which low-income countries can afford least of all; to use an American expression, improved management generates “more bang for the … Read More