The full Global Business School Network consists of members, participants, and partners. The world’s leading business schools have always formed the core of the Global Business School Network (GBSN) and the majority of membership. However, the network includes many different kinds of organizations, including business partners that are interested in improving management and leadership talent through education and training.

Every organization part of GBSN shares a common vision, To enable business schools to profoundly impact sustainable development worldwide—through education, research, and community engagement.

Through GBSN, business schools are connected with each other, and also with business, governments, and NGOs working together to positively impact society and generate inclusive and sustainable growth


GBSN Members are impact leaders in business education and bring something powerful and distinctive to the network. They lead and govern the network and contribute time, energy, and resources to building and running projects and programs.


Partners are organizations that collaborate meaningfully with GBSN on projects and programs to achieve the mission. They work with GBSN on projects, provide financial support for projects and programs, and bring expertise and innovative approaches to both.

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