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Regardless, of whether they are for students, faculty, or administrators, programs carrying the GBSN label have the following characteristics:


Because context matters in business and management, many of our activities are designed to provide meaningful developing world experiences.


Whether it involves traveling across borders or collaborating digitally, GBSN programs are built on the idea that international diversity fosters innovation and growth. They are culture-full rather than culture-free.


Programs are built by GBSN members, which are leading business schools and partners that have reputations for high quality supported by international accreditations.

Mission Centered

In the spirt of GBSN’s overarching purpose, programs are relevant to achieving the mission of GBSN, which means that they advance our efforts “to improve access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world.”


Programs are built on the strength of our network and designed to achieve the mission by helping business school students, faculty, and administrators to engage directly in the GBSN mission. They include meaningful developing world experiences for learners, collaborative faculty research to generate new knowledge about pressing challenges in the emerging economies, and leaders to form peer networks for developing innovative programs consistent with our mission.


GBSN convenes a wide range of stakeholders, all with a vested interest in improving the quality of management and entrepreneurial education for the developing world. Highlighting programs, projects, or thought leadership, our events cut across a broad range of issues relevant not only to our members but society at large. At a GBSN event, whether physical or virtual, you’re likely to meet peers from across the globe, representing schools and partners across six continents.


GBSN Projects are designed to build capacity for management and entrepreneurship education. Projects are often supported by business, foundation, and government grants, implemented by member business schools, and administered by GBSN staff. Projects include building and scaling programs, conducting feasibility studies, creating and delivering training programs, building partnerships and associations, and more.