Engage in collaborative leadership opportunities, help your school or organization make a positive impact in the developing world, strengthen your international network, and develop new skills. GBSN offers a wide range of opportunities for leaders in business schools and other organizations that focus on learning and development.

FOSTERING Belonging™ in Business Schools Leadership Program

In collaboration with EPC Learning Labs, GBSN is pleased to offer a FOSTERing Belonging™ Custom Program to member institutions. This custom program is designed to help business school administrators be better leaders and educators.

FOSTERing Belonging™ is a unique program that helps participants, especially leaders, spark feelings of belonging for everyone. The content comprises two parts and is delivered in an unparalleled learning process.

The World After COVID-19

At GBSN, we are keen to explore the contours of the world after COVID-19, the world that is emerging as a result of the extraordinary times we are experiencing today. To do so, we are reaching out to our community to better understand the many ways in which the world after COVID-19 will be different for our key stakeholders including governments, businesses, universities and students.

GBSN Beyond

Business schools are ideally placed to be the nexus between government and society in shaping a collective response to our most critical challenges.

From access to healthcare and education to the all-encompassing disruptions of climate change, as leaders in business and higher education, we have to forge a response that recognizes and addresses with intent the disparate ways these issues affect various populations. How do we upskill, collaborate, and innovate across sectors with a need so urgent and vast? Join us at GBSN Beyond to explore these questions and collectively take action to develop sustainable solutions!

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