GBSN promotes management education as a critical component of economic development. GBSN’s goal is to help the business education sector continue to progress to be more inclusive, connected, accessible and effective.

  • Presentations

    GBSN staff, advisors and members present at international conferences in both the business education and development sectors

  • Publications

    GBSN publishes information, commentary, stories and resources for business education and development professionals

  • Strategic Partnerships

    GBSN partners with organizations in business education, international development and industry to promote and support quality, locally relevant management education

Looking Forward at Business Education

As we look to the future we see a role for GBSN in identifying needs and opportunities for further improvement that will strengthen the pipeline of talented managers and entrepreneurs for the developing world.

GBSN is working with member schools, advisors, partner organizations and board members to design initiatives that will look beneath the surface of global business education for the developing world and investigate how emerging tools, changing markets and broadening interest in international collaboration can benefit the entire sector, including established and developing schools.

A primary area of interest is around landscaping and better understanding the context, outputs and opportunities of regionally significant schools in developing countries. If you would like to learn more about how you can partner on this effort, please email Dan LeClair, Chief Executive Officer at or call +1.202.628.9040.