Former Esade Students Gave 17,000 Hours of Pro Bono Consulting in 45 Projects

Esade Alumni Social, the first giving-back consultancy established in Spain and Europe by a business school, provided 45 projects run by third-sector entities (4 more than the previous year), with over 17,000 hours during the 2022-2023 academic year, up 13% on the previous year: a new record in the 17 years since the project began…. Read more >

An Invitation to Go Beyond with GBSN

“Motivated to address the most pressing needs of society and enabled by digital innovation, business schools have been redefining the boundaries of their work.” I wrote that in a 2020 blog to introduce our first GBSN Beyond, a new version of our flagship annual conference reimagined for a virtual format. In addition to pushing us… Read more >

Startups Drive Commercialization of High-Impact Innovations

Startups have more incentive than incumbent firms to engage in potentially disruptive R&D because large, established firms have more to lose from the discovery of new technologies that replace traditional ways of doing things. With no existing operations, startups have nothing to lose and much to gain from disruptive innovation. In Of Academics and Creative Destruction:… Read more >

GBSN Welcomes Sponsors Aboard the 2023 Social Logistics Challenge

GBSN is thrilled to announce its three sponsors for this year’s annual Social Logistics Challenge student competition!  As of today, the competition has 33 teams of 98 students from 11 schools, and we cannot wait to welcome more as the school year begins for many countries.  All three sponsors have committed to supporting the competition… Read more >

The Role of Economics in Business Curricula

“What is the place of economics in the curriculum of business?” That was the opening sentence and principal question of an article by Roswell C. McCrea in the Journal of Political Economy nearly 100 years ago. Keep in mind, it was early in the development of collegiate schools of business in the US, and schools… Read more >