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Call for Papers | Casablanca Climate Leadership Forum (CCLF) 2024

ESCA Ecole de Management, as part of the Business Schools for Climate Leadership Africa (BS4CL), is pleased to invite theoretical and empirical paper submissions for its annual conference, the Casablanca Climate Leadership Forum (CCLF) 2024. This edition of the forum emphasizes the need for innovative and context-specific climate solutions that cater directly to the distinct challenges and opportunities within Africa’s business landscape, yet also resonates beyond its borders. This initiative aims to forge a multidisciplinary dialogue that not only addresses specific regional issues but also contributes to the global discourse on climate change and sustainability, fostering a broader impact on climate leadership worldwide.

The 2024 edition of the CCLF is cosponsored by the Cyrus Institute of Knowledge (USA), UNINOVE/SINGEP (Brazil), and Bentley University (USA), marking a collaborative effort to advance the forum’s objectives.The CCLF 2024 theme, “Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Crafting Tailored Climate Strategies for Emerging Africa and Beyond,” highlights the critical need for strategies that address the distinct challenges of Africa’s emerging economies, such as water scarcity, agricultural reliance, and infrastructural limitations. Emphasizing the essential role of research, the forum aims to create actionable knowledge tailored to local socio-economic and environmental needs. CCLF 2024 stands as a key platform for researchers to shape policy and practice, fostering climate resilience and sustainable growth through region-specific solutions.

The Forum, scheduled for October 23rd to 25th, 2024, will initiate with an Inaugural Day, featuring key opening remarks and foundational discussions. The subsequent day, termed the Scientific Day, is allocated for the presentation and critical evaluation of academic contributions and research in the field. The forum will culminate with the Stakeholder Forum Day, aimed at fostering collaborative dialogues and partnerships among pivotal climate change stakeholders.