Africa Business Concept Challenge

GBSN is pleased to present the 3rd annual Africa Business Concept Challenge (ABCC), a virtual business concept competition for African undergraduate and graduate students. The competition challenges student teams to develop a viable business concept that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to Agenda 2063, and inclusive and sustainable development.

The Africa Business Concept Challenge intends to assist young people from the African continent who have an entrepreneurial orientation, a desire to serve their community, and demonstrate the values outlined below. With a focus on promoting responsible business, the competition identifies high potential young people for mentorship and investment. 

Competition Values

  • A commitment to the importance of responsible entrepreneurship and its role in job creation
  • An international outlook
  • A commitment to ethical business practices
  • A strong interest in young people in emerging markets and the role that business can play in creating opportunities that enable them to develop
  • A belief that business is a public trust with the obligation to improve and serve society
  • A commitment to lifelong learning and continuing education

Building a Prosperous Africa.

Addressing local problems with innovative business solutions.

Why Participate?

Benefits of participating in the competition:

1. Societal Impact

The Challenge offers a chance to make an impact on local community problems.

2. Networking

opportunities with student teams from across the globe, as well as experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals

3. Mentoring & Industry Experts

High-caliber, experienced judges, who are experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders

4. Structure, Feedback & Guidance

Personalized, individual feedback during the project development process on the Peaqs platform


Student teams will engage in a four-phased project development process where their business concepts are put up for sale on a virtual stock market on the Peaqs platform, a web-based learning game platform that combines a project development process with a virtual stock market engine for real-time valuation and peer feedback. Projects will be accepted that properly identify and define a local challenge and a business idea that addresses the problem.

All projects must address:

A community challenge or need

A business solution

A viable business concept

Implementation and impact of business solution


The focus of this Challenge is to promote and support responsible capitalism for emerging markets and aims to identify high potential young people for mentorship and investment. 

  • The challenge will be virtual and take place during a 6-week period.
  • Teams must consist of two to five members, where at least two must be current students at an African institution at the time of the competition. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.
  • Each team must have a Captain who will handle communications with GSBN and register the team.
  • Each team must have a faculty mentor upon registering. Mentors will help guide teams and enrich the learning experience.

NOTE: Teams are encouraged to have a general idea of a business concept and problem statement ready to complete registration, but it is not required.

Investor Expert Registration

Please note: more information can be found on the Investor Expert tab.

This year, GBSN is beginning the experience by recruiting some of the most important players in the challenge: Investor Experts.  Investor Experts play the role of investors in a competitive market: they buy and sell shares based on student entrepreneur performance.  Investor Experts can be anyone from entrepreneur practitioners, entrepreneurs-in-residence, to faculty, PhD students, researchers, and even non-African students. This year, Investor Experts will be receiving a unique certificate for their role in this competition, while also being highlighted throughout the process.

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