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Agreement Between ZIBS and ESCP Europe

On March 23, ZIBS and ESCP Europe signed the dual degree and student exchange agreements. The two institutes will carry out the collaborations in the area of Management and Finance to jointly train interdisciplinary talents demanded by society.

Prof. BEN Shenglin: ZIBS is a young business school located in the Yangtze River, hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. In Zhejiang, there are many international companies in the financial and technology fields such as Alibaba and Ant Group. As part of Zhejiang University, ZIBS takes social responsibility to be its core value. ZIBS is looking forward to providing more international students with business education through the collaboration with ESCP.

Prof. Léon Laulusa: As a leading business school in Europe, ESCP has always been committed to building students’ leadership and preparing them for the future. ESCP also works hard to serve the society and cultivate social responsibility. ZIBS and ESCP share the same vision and will work together to promote the development of business education and nurture talents for the world.