Greetings from Guy: Reflecting on GBSN’s Journey

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The Global Business School Network was launched fifteen years ago and the time has come for my successor, Stephen Sacca, to take the reins of the organization. In these last “Greetings from Guy” I reflect on GBSN’s journey. GBSN is based on a simple idea: that the quality of management matters to economic and social development. We have all suffered from poor management, dealing with airlines, health care providers, public utilities, and so forth. Poor management translates into wasted resources, which low-income countries can afford least of all; to use an American expression, improved management generates “more bang for the … Read More

Greetings from Guy: Addressing the Management Skills Gap in Africa

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The existence of two organizations illustrates what is wrong with too many academic programs around the world and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa: the National Association of Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria and the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana. Such shortcomings can be found also in management education. In July GBSN partnered with the Center for Global Enterprise – created by Sam Palmisano, former CEO and Chairman of IBM – to convene a group of experts at IESE Business School’s campus in New York City to bring their knowledge to the table about the Management Skills Gap in Africa. The round table … Read More

Business Schools Encouraging Innovation

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I want to pay tribute to Professor Soumitra Dutta, Dean of Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his brainchild, the Global Innovation Index (GII), a project he launched at INSEAD, another GII partner, joined later by WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. Professor Dutta is a longtime friend of GBSN. Capturing innovation systematically across geographies and over time is a daunting proposition. The Index captures “inputs” of innovation as well as “outputs.” Inputs include institutions (the political, regulatory and business environment), human capital and research, infrastructure (such as ICT), “market sophistication” (credit, … Read More

Greetings from Guy: Business Schools Protecting Wildlife?

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In last month’s Newsletter I wrote about meeting leaders of organizations who come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, for example science, engineering, public administration, healthcare, or economics. Having been trained in these disciplines management education may not be on their radar screens; yet good management skills are needed in order for the hospitals and other organizations which they run to function effectively. It is often necessary to build cross-cultural bridges in order to get these leaders to appreciate that “management matters” and therefore that relevant management education can improve their outcomes. Today I am extremely pleased to announce that … Read More

Greetings from Guy: Lioness of Lewa

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My wife Irene and I recently visited Lewa Conservancy. Nestled north of Mount Kenya, Lewa Conservancy is a model of its kind. Most famously, its efforts these past twenty years brought the black rhino population back from near-extinction to over eighty individuals. On one of our daily range drives, Irene and I came across two lions, who didn’t pay any attention to our Toyota vehicle. That night the most frightful roars echoed across Lewa. Next afternoon we met a lioness slowly advancing up a path, perhaps one of the pair. Pregnant, she had been wounded fighting another lion. Joseph Kirui, … Read More

IPADE Business School Celebrates 50 Years of Training Business Leaders

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When I received an invitation to Mexico’s IPADE Business School’s 50-years celebration, I accepted immediately. This was something I didn’t want to miss. Alfonso Bolio, then IPADE’s Dean and Beatriz Guzman, their international relations director came to GBSN’s 2010 Annual Conference in Washington D.C. They liked the “GBSN crowd,” a unique community of management school leaders from all over the world, ranging from Afghanistan to Cambodia as well as OECD countries. I also suspect that they enjoyed the spirit of openness, eagerness to learn from one another, and yes, fun. IPADE Business School joined GBSN soon thereafter, and lo and … Read More

Greetings from Guy: An African Success Story

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I invite you to join me in celebrating a great African success story. Its central character, Mame Yauto Faye was recently awarded a prestigious Berkeley’s Oasis Award as one of three “women who are changing the Sahel.” The other protagonists are Amadou Diaw, Founder and President of Senegal’s Institut Supérieur de Management (ISM), Eric Guichard, Founder and CEO of GRAVITAS Capital, Michiel Leenders and Louise Mauffette formerly of Canada’s Ivey Business School; Lluis Renart of Barcelona’s IESE Business School; and last but not least, Conrad Person, Michael Bzdak and Rene Kiamba of Johnson&Johnson (J&J), the champions of that company’s Management … Read More

Howard University Wins UMD CIBER’s 3rd Emerging Markets Case Competition

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Last month I was part of a jury for an MBA student case competition organized by the R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, a member school of GBSN’s Executive Board. The event is funded by CIBER (the Center for International Business Education and Research, a US government program). This was the third year I took part in this wonderful event. Nine student teams from eight top US schools came to Maryland to compete in this daunting intellectual obstacle course. They were handed a very complex real-life business school case at 4 pm on a Friday and were required … Read More

Greetings from Guy: “Management Matters”

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Some years ago I had a conversation with one of the research pioneers in measuring the quality of management across firms and its impact on economic growth. I asked why academics had paid so little attention to what seemed to me a very important issue. My interlocutor laughed and told me how he had presented his research results to an audience consisting about half and half of business school faculty and academic economists. The talk was met with deafening silence, as the economists, believed firmly, as classical theory would have it, that market forces will weed out sub-par managers who … Read More

This Year’s Annual Conference: The Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development

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This year’s annual conference ( will go back to the raison d’être of GBSN: the intersections between business education and development. Everyone knows what “business education” is, but “development” is one of those fuzzy Alice-in-Wonderland words that mean very different things to different people. Sociologists, psychologists, engineers, economists, political scientists and others each think of “development” in very different ways; not even within academic disciplines is there consensus on what constitutes “development”. One of my economics professors used to say that, like a giraffe, it is very hard to describe a developing country but when you see one, you know … Read More