Makerspaces in North Africa: A solution for unemployment and the informal sector?

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The global maker movement is on the rise across the globe, and it has subsequently mirrored in North Africa. The number of makerspaces in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco – though still sparse – has been remarkably growing in recent years, particularly following the so-called Arab spring in 2011. In their working paper, professor of economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and founding director of Access to Knowledge for Development (A2K4D) Nagla Rizk and senior researcher at A2K4D Nagham El Houssamy look at the makerspaces in Egypt, along with Morocco and Tunisia, and how they help ease access to … Read More

US and China Trade War: Less Suez Canal Traffic, More Chinese Products for Egypt?

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Amid speculations of a trade war that could potentially break out between China and the United States (US) and may surpass the mere imposition of tariffs, uncertainty lingers regarding the impact of such a war on global trade and the global economy – and other countries. The question remains: What would a trade war between the two mega economies really mean for Egypt and the Middle East? Implications of a trade war on EgyptFrom a global perspective, vice president of US-based public policy think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Stephen Ezell tells Business Forward that if a trade war … Read More

Women Entrepreneurship Lowest in MENA Region: How a Guide Aims to Change That

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The rate of female entrepreneurs has been globally expanding in recent years, and women of the Arab world are part of the process as well. However, the number of women in the Arab world owning businesses is still 30 percent lower than other countries, according to a report released in 2017 by online payment platform Payfort. A new initiative by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES), in partnership with the National Council for Women (NCW) and Canada’s Embassy in Egypt, launched a guide for potential female entrepreneurs in Egypt to help them get started with their businesses – a … Read More