GBSN Fellow: The US Presidential Election – A Lesson in Evidence-Based Judgement & Decision Making

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GBSN Member, The Open University Business School is hosting four faculty fellowships from Lagos Business School. The fellows are Ogechi Adeola, Yetunde Anibaba, Nubi Achebo and Obinna Muogboh. The four of them are staying with at the university for 6 weeks during November and December of 2016. This is the second guest blog from fellow Yetunde Anibaba. Yetunde Anibaba (PhD) is a management educator and organizational development professional. She teaches Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) and decision-making on full-time and Executive MBA, as well as other senior executive education programmes at Lagos Business School. She has designed and taught on … Read More

GBSN Fellow: Where are the Students? My Open University UK Fellowship Experience

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GBSN Member, The Open University Business School is hosting four faculty fellowships from Lagos Business School. The fellows are Ogechi Adeola, Yetunde Anibaba, Nubi Achebo and Obinna Muogboh. The four of them are staying with at the university for 6 weeks during November and December of 2016. This is the first guest blog from fellowOgechi Adeola. Ogechi Adeola Ogechi Adeola Ogechi Adeola teaches Marketing Management at Lagos Business School. She started her career at Citibank Nigeria in 1995, and spent approximately 14 years in the nation’s financial sector during which she garnered experience in strategy, product development, sales and marketing, … Read More

Until We Meet Again

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In late October of 2008, almost 8 years ago exactly I started a new job at GBSN. I was hired to work on a recently awarded initiative to start a new business school in Karachi, Pakistan under a two year contract. At this point it was just a dream of a group of businessmen in Pakistan and my role was to oversee a yearlong strategic plan to bring this idea to fruition. Whenever our interns leave GBSN upon completion of their internship, we always ask them to post a blog about their experience. I guess it is finally my turn. … Read More

Austin Okere’s address on reimagining the business school model at the GBSN/EFMD joint Conference at Accra, Ghana

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Time there was when an MBA from an Ivy League College will guarantee you a very lucrative high profile job. This seems no longer the case. In fact, I have to tell you this story about a Kenyan lady who was settled in the UK. She had borrowed heavily to do an MBA at a prestigious school hoping that this will secure her future and help her pay off her loans. 3 years after graduation, she was facing eviction from her accommodation for back rents and no job in site, with a huge student’s loan overhang. You really could feel … Read More

The GBSN Network Grows to 74 Members in 36 Countries

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GBSN is proud to announce the acceptance of three new schools to the network. The National University of Management, the TUM School of Management, and the American University of Nigeria join our network of 70 business schools that spans 35 countries. GBSN fosters cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration both within our network membership and with the broader business education and development communities. The 74 member schools that lead in their respective markets have signed on to join GBSN’s mission to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education. This dynamic network catalyzes new ideas, cultivates partnerships and disseminates knowledge … Read More

GBSN Advisory Board Member Writes on the Potential of Millennials and Their Impact on Grassroots Innovation

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GBSN Advisor, Austin Okere recently wrote an article, Millennials, Zero Distance and Grassroots Innovation published on his blog He touches on the impact the generation Millennials has on grassroots innovation and the importance of infusing them within organizations as Millennials hold fresh innovative ideas imperative to continued sustainability of a business. “As the sun is setting on old ways of tacking social problems, millennials may well save us from our broken socio-economic system. They certainly possess the attributes of what Harvard professor Joseph Nye refers to as tri-sector athletes or multilingual leaders; these are individuals and organisations that nimbly … Read More

Vices and Virtues of Conducting Sound Accounting Research Webinar Highlights

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On Friday February 26th GBSN hosted a webinar called, “The Vices and Virtues of Conducting Sound Accounting Research,” featuring Dr. Wayne Landsman, the KPMG Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean of the PhD Program at University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School. The webinar discussed the fundamentals of research that can be applicable to any archival field. Professor Landsman started at the very beginning, asking the question “Why do we do research?” evoking Sir Isaac Newton’s gravitational observations and the scientific method. Landsman addressed some of the major pitfalls that researches face when developing new theories. One biggest mistake researches … Read More

Colorado State University’s College of Business Among Recipients for Innovations That Inspire

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Innovate. Engage. Inspire. Impact. Repeat. Simple instructions for Colorado State University’s College of Business’s cutting edge enhancement in business education. Such innovation earned the AACSB member school significant recognition at AACSB’s International 2016 Dean’s Conference. Colorado State University’s College of Business is now a leader in AACSB’s Innovations That Inspire, an initiative showcasing business schools’ noteworthy efforts in transforming education management. Additional GBSN member schools that are also Innovations That Inspire recipients include George Washington University School of Business, The Open University Business School, and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research. ACTIV82LRN (activate to learn) is CSU’s College of … Read More

ESADE’s Unique Approach to International Entrepreneurship

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Start-ups are the beating heart of entrepreneurship around the globe. Many of the top ranked MBA programs provide high quality education for entering the established world of business, but it takes true creative ingenuity to prepare students to be their own masters. ESADE pays special attention to early-stage companies and has crafted innovative programs to immerse their students in the “startup garage”. Enrollment in an ESADE MBA program is quite selective, about 25%, and year-to-year class averages round out to roughly 170 full-time MBA students. While the student body may be small it boasts incredible diversity with students from 40 … Read More

Cultural Exchange is the Currency of Peace

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For over a half century Cuba’s romanticized “frozen-in-time” charm has captured the hearts of American daydreamers. Sunshine, cigars, and classic cars paint the picture in our minds eye, but what do we really know about this forbidden island? Over the last year, President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, have pushed to normalize diplomatic relations with the island nation. Embassies have been reopened, travel bans have been lifted, and mail services have been restored. Most recently, President Obama’s visit marks the first US Presidential visit to Cuba in 88 years. As the deep freeze begins to thaw what will … Read More