The NileView | GBSN Beyond: The Transformative Power of Talent and Technology

Ancient civilizations, on the grounds of modern-day Egypt, pushed the boundaries of technology, giving the world breakthrough advances in mathematics, medicine, engineering, and more. Today, the city that never sleeps––Cairo––is alive with 22+ million people who are young, diverse, and increasingly entrepreneurial. It is a city with a distinctive, modern vibe that still feels deeply… Read more >

A Conference in Cairo

Passengers disembarking Cairo International Airport are greeted by a golden woman sporting a duck on her head. No one seems to know why. The American University in Cairo, a superb institution, sits on a 260 acre piece of land. The buildings would do ancient pharaohs proud. One of them leads those who enter to a… Read more >

GBSN at 20: Celebrating Two Decades of Global Impact | Carl Manlan

GBSN at 20 is an opportunity to reflect on the role of business schools in solving the most pressing issues facing the world today. At the intersection of human capital and technology lies the sweet spot of digitalization, financial inclusion, agriculture and climate. In focusing our attention to the opportunity, we ought to tap into… Read more >

Teach a Village to Fish

What if we were to take the popular adage “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” and modify it slightly. Let’s make it: Give a village fish, and you feed its people for a day. Teach its people… Read more >