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AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (In-Person)

Engage with the best business schools from the Asia Pacific region to discover best practices and new innovations at the Asia Pacific Accreditation Conference at Singapore Management University!  Discuss how the 2020 Business Accreditation standards are making an impact and how we can use our assurance of learning systems to create leaders focused on generating positive societal change.


Attending the AP Accreditation Conference is your opportunity to connect to business school leaders on unique regional issues, trends, and best practices focused on quality assurance for your school—regardless of whether you are in the initial stages of accreditation or if you are getting ready for your next continuous improvement review.

Engage and discuss matters based on:

  • The continuous review process
  • Aligning your school with the 2020 business accreditation standards
  • Measuring and implementing initiatives that generate a positive societal impact
  • Networking and building connections with decision makers in business education



Location, Hotel and Travel Information

Business Accreditation Seminar

Build skills and network in interactive, workshop-style lessons focused on each accreditation standard, allowing you to create effective plan of action for your school. Click here to learn more about the Business Accreditation Seminar taking place in Singapore June 6–7. 

Register now for the Business Accreditation Seminar (June 6–7) and the Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (June 8–10) and pay 1,540 USD.