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Changes in Business Education Post-Pandemic: A  Corporate Perspective


Online, Zoom

Date & Time

April 29, 2022 8 AM EDT / 2PM CEST


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org


Wisdom tree, in partnership with GBSN, has launched a series of exclusive invite-only, monthly learning and networking events in top industry verticals such as education and SAAS. The aim of these events is to have sponsor free discussions on contemporary topics impacting businesses today. 

In the third event this April, we will be hosting distinguished professors from top universities, ed-tech founders, and thought leaders to discuss the changing expectations of Corporations from graduates. In addition, we’ll examine how the curriculum has to be more inclusive of Technology, Human skills, Experiential learning and Cyber skills in order to make students more corporate ready in this post pandemic world.

This webinar will explore:

  • What are the changes seen in hiring processes in top corporations post pandemic ?
  • What is the need for B-schools to bring in change in the existing curriculum ? 
  • How do B schools adapt their students to the ever increasing threats in the hybrid workplace ?
  • What are the human skills which are needed now, specially in the new world?
  • What is the future of internships to capture the VUCA world?



About the Partners

About Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree is the next generation management consulting and venture debt advisory firm that is working with companies across multiple markets with a specific focus on EdTech, education, and SaaS.

Using a practical, grounded and research-oriented approach, we work towards helping companies and partners with global expansion, building brands and communities, and supporting startups raise venture debt from global funds for their working capital, acquisition and growth financing needs.

About the Global Business School Network

Founded in 2003 by the World Bank, today the Global Business School Network is an independent global non-profit 501(c)3 with headquarters based in Washington, D.C. Economies and societies grow on the success of organizations that create meaningful jobs, increase wealth and well-being, and generate innovations to improve society. These organizations are created by resourceful entrepreneurs and run by competent, responsible leaders and managers. Our role at GBSN—the reason why we exist—is to ensure that the developing world has the management talent (leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs) it needs to generate prosperity.

Within the context of the emerging economies mission, GBSN builds activities, programs and projects that enable the creation of new knowledge, provide meaningful international experiences, and build relationships that can transform management education, as well as provide broad visibility to our member schools as a champion and change maker for economic and social development. More information visit www.gbsn.org

About Global Executive Learning

Global Executive Learning (GEL) is a worldwide network of practitioners, executives, experts and thought leaders. We are dedicated and committed to the delivery of innovative, customized and results-focused strategic learning and executive leadership development programs, and learning interventions.

Our approach also helps multinational organizations and leaders better understand, adapt to, and shape the external environment of their business by engaging their stakeholders and exposing leaders to outside best practices.

GEL is focused on implementing highly tailored company and organizational interventions that enhance the goals of an organization and sometimes a group or consortium of organizations. These goals are tied very closely to the strategic objectives of the organization and to the developmental needs of the its top leadership and emerging talent, in whatever part of the world that is required.