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Creative Circle Event | Food Culture Alliance


Shaping narratives is about effectively words, images, sounds, body language, metaphors, symbols to tell stories about food. These stories can help envision new possibilities (e.g., what kind of food future is possible), new norms, or offer new strategies for action to achieve nutritious and sustainable consumption. We can tell these narratives through media, family life, education, religion, sports institutions. 

Purpose of the Event

This is a two-hour online event, scheduled for 5 March 2024 starting at 14:30 Central European Time. The session is divided into three parts – an introduction, a fireside chat, and an interactive workshop. The students will work alongside a wide range of professionals, including writers, artists, producers and advertising strategists, to brainstorm on language, stories, and conversations. Together, we will craft new narratives that resonate across various domains spanning family life, education, media, religion, education, sports and fashion.

This is a selective opportunity reserved for top students at the masters level, who are interested in marketing (or related subjects such as advertising) and care deeply about the role it can have in health and sustainable development. Experience or demonstrated interest in the food system is also a plus. Selected students will contribute to positive impact, learn new ideas and approaches through experience, and develop new connections.


1. Participants are inspired to use language and symbols in stories about food that directly address real-world challenges. 

2. Participants co-create one story across multiple institutions that can (re)frame narratives.


March 5, 2024 at 9:30am EDT/2:30pm Central Europe Time

Deadline to Apply

February 22, 2024


This is an online event, 2-hour duration. It has three parts – an introduction, a fireside chat, and interactive workshop. This event is free of charge, but registration is required to save spot. Limit is 30 participants.