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Cybersecurity Threat and Career Opportunities – Localized Online Event

With the digital transformation almost every industry is facing right now, the need for Cybersecurity experts and Cybersecurity hygiene for home and office are on a constant rise and it remains as one of the most interesting fields to get into for its exciting tasks, the variety of paths and growth opportunities, and the chances to really make an impact.

To help you understand and explore different paths in Cybersecurity, Trend Micro are bringing in top experts to speak about their day-to-day responsibilities, the trends in the industry, and the skills necessary to succeed. We will cover everything from infrastructure to certifications!


Wednesday, August 25th 2021 at 10:00 AM


  1. Introduction to Cyber Security
  2. Discuss trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry
  3. Challenges for small and large organizations
  4. How to start a career in Cyber Security
  5. Presentation of an example of a recent High-Level attack (case study)


  • Jonathan Chang, Senior Partner, Trend Forward – USA
  • Brook Stein, Director of Product and Business Development, Trend Micro Consumer – USA
  • Joahanna Hipolito, Manager of Technology Marketing, Trend Micro Research – Philippines
  • ….plus Trend Micro Education Outreach partners