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Digital Transformation: Opportunities and The Employment Landscape

Event Overview

Digital Transformation enhances an organization’s operations to deliver greater value to its customers and stakeholders and it also improves the customer experience and the relationship they have with the organization’s brand. This is achieved by the integration of innovative technologies into every aspect of the business.

With Digital Transformation also comes a cultural change that requires organizations to innovate, challenge the status quo, experiment, and continually assess and monitor for improvements 🚀

What does that mean for students, recent graduates, and early career professionals? What opportunities does Digital Transformation bring and how can they enter the field? Join this Expert Session with Rami Kichli, Vice President, Gulf & Levant at Software AG to learn:

  • ✅ Digital Transformation applications, trends, impact, and opportunities
  • ✅ The employment landscape around Digital Transformation
  • ✅ How to start a career in the field and how to switch from different industries
  • ✅ Essential skills and what recruiters look for in fresh talents

About Rami Kichli:

Rami Kichli is the Vice-President for Software AG in the Gulf and Levant. He brings to Software AG a strong track record of building businesses with his strategic vision while also integrating sales and marketing to achieve revenue growth. He oversees business operations, talent and ventures and steers the profitability requirements of the business as determined by the strategic plans.

Rami also navigates the branding and marketing function for the region in tandem with its global positioning. He works closely in line with each country’s national vision across the region by developing strong alliances while also tapping into newer market segments. Prior to joining the company, he worked at leading technology firms such as SAP, Cisco and several other multinationals in the region.

Date & Time

Monday , January 24th, 2022

  • 10:00am Washington D.C.
  • 3:00pm London
  • 4:00pm Geneva
  • 5:00pm Cape Town
  • 8:30 pm Mumbai
  • 11:00pm Singapore


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