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Future of Digital Learning: Where Tech Meets Instructional Design




June 22 I 11am EDT


Julie Labelle, jlabelle@gbsn.org

In 2016, there were 3.7 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide, today there are nearly 6.3 billion and, by 2026, that number will top 7.5 billion. Smartphones have been revolutionizing many industries, including health, travel, and music. Yet, they have not yet made a major difference in education, especially in higher education and in environments where access to education has been low. Even when mobile learning is applied, it is often under-utilized relative to its potential, especially to support social (peer-to-peer) learning, experiential learning, gamification, and virtual/augmented reality. 

That is why GBSN and Gnowbe are partnering to empower up to 2,000 business and management professors with microlearning instructional design skills. Participants in the program will learn the principles of instructional design and how to apply that in a microlearning format for blended or asynchronous learning experiences. Upon successful completion of the programs, participants will earn a Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) Level 1 Certification, which can be applied to their LinkedIn profile.

Participants in the Gnowbe-GBSN program will also earn a certificate of completion from GBSN, which signals preparedness teaching specifically within the context of business and management schools. GBSN believes that the microlearning instructional design skills can be applied to increase inclusiveness and belonging, expand lifelong learning and executive education, generate additional value from case studies and simulations, make research more accessible to practicing managers, and increase the impact of business schools as catalysts for sustainable development. 

At this webinar, hear from Gnowbe’s CEO So-Young Kang, and Creator Engagement Manager Nicola all about Microlearning Instructional Design and the $10M Scholarship application process. Find out more about the $10M Scholarship here: https://hubs.li/Q015M36C0

Learn more about the GBSN-Gnowbe Scholarships here.

Date & Time

Wednesday, 22 June

11:00am – 12:00pm EDT

  • 8:00am Los Angeles
  • 10:00am Lima
  • 4:00pm London
  • 5:00pm Geneva / Cape Town
  • 6:00pm Nairobi
  • 8:30pm Mumbai
  • 11:00pm Singapore



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