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GBSN Annual Members Meeting: Leading with Impact

The GBSN Members Meeting is an annual closed convening of GBSN members from across the globe. Deans, directors, administrators and leading faculty convene once a year in December to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and to look ahead to the next.

Discussions will center around our network’s role in addressing social problems like, access to education, clean energy, good governance, ethical AI, etc. through our work. The Members Meeting is a place for members to discuss how pedagogy at their institutions is reinventing itself, how are we collectively experimenting with new ways to train and coach the leaders of tomorrow in a changing and complex environment. What does the future of higher education look like?

Business schools are ideally placed to be the nexus between government, business and civil society in shaping a collective response to our most critical challenges. How do we upskill, collaborate, and innovate across sectors with a need so urgent and vast? How should universities, businesses, and governments preparing for a new age of lifelong learning? Members will participate in small group discussions, networking activities, panel discussions, and more.

The GBSN Members Meeting is closed to the public and is by invitation only.