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How to Become a Consultant After Graduation: A Conversation with Shahd Ali on Localized

Did you know that the vast majority of consultants tend to enter the field at an undergraduate or a recent graduate level? So if you’re a student and want to learn about the career paths for graduates at top consulting firms, this is your chance to seek advice from a professional who was a student not too long ago! Our expert for this session is Shahd Ali.

When she was a student at Harvard University, Shahd joined Boston Consulting Group as a Summer Associate, a 3 month internship. Right after graduation, she joined BCG again as an Associate and is now currently a Consultant.

Some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • CVs and Cover Letters
  • Interview questions and process
  • Skills necessary in Consulting
  • Maintaining relationships after Internships
  • Typical day for consultants
  • Career paths for graduate consultants
  • Any questions you may have

Prepare your questions for Shahd and join the conversation.