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Internationalize Your Business Degree Program Through Virtual Exchange – Webinar

Virtual exchange – enabling students to get cross-cultural exposure without leaving their homes … an affordable way to “travel” across the globe!

To succeed in the global workplace means having a global mindset—the cultural awareness and cultural consciousness which a global economy demands —and educational exchanges are an effective method to nurture this mindset. The pandemic has revealed a significant limitation of traditional educational exchanges: geography. But even before the pandemic, traveling across borders to seek a cross-cultural experience was not possible for many students. Enter virtual exchanges, which connect students across countries via technology, allowing them to learn together and collaborate on projects in cross-cultural teams. Join our webinar and hear from two professors at the forefront of virtual exchange. We’ll explore the unique role a virtual exchange can play. You’ll find out about the benefits students experience as being part of a virtual exchange. Join us to find out more about this innovative format and determine if it’s right for your curriculum.

Two professors from the Business & Culture virtual exchange program organized by the William Davidson Institute will be speaking at this interactive event. If you are interested in learning about our successful experience connecting students across countries to learn how to do business together, please register to join us.


Tuesday May 4, 2021

  • 10:00am Washington D.C.
  • 3:00pm London
  • 4:00pm Geneva
  • 7:30pm Mumbai
  • 10:00pm Singapore