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Iscte 10th Responsible Management Education Research Conference

Sustainable and Responsible Management: A decade of Integrating Knowledge and Creating Societal Impact through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The 10th RMER Conference hosted by Iscte Business School is a forum intended to engage multiple stakeholders in a dialogue around Agenda 2030 and beyond and enhance further collaborations in responsible management education and research, and sustainable business practices to advance the SDGs.

This year marks the 10thJubilee anniversary of RMER Conferences.  Across a decade of achievement, RMER Conferences have explored the complexities and global challenges involved in the transition to more sustainable production and consumption patterns. Different agents, including companies, nonprofits, governmental entities, organizations, consumers, and society at large, need to work together to effectively advance the 2030 Agenda and beyond. Through multidimensional and multidisciplinary dialogue and knowledge sharing among management educators in conversation with other stakeholders have advanced responsible management education and learning. As the challenge remains, further dialogue on how economic restructuring and social transformation on the journey to a more sustainable world is still needed.

The main goal of the global 10th RMER Conference is to bring together the responsible management education community and its stakeholders to drive societal impact through innovative and entrepreneurial ways that are grounded in the six PRME principles of purpose, values, method, research, dialogue and partnerships.

This continues the RMER tradition of holding inspirational, multidisciplinary and multicultural events that contribute to mutual sharing and learning among management educators and other stakeholders – all in service of creating positive societal impact through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Questions of Interest

  • What have we accomplished in the last decade of responsible management education? Where should we be heading?
  • What are the implications of developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial capabilities for sustainable businesses, economic restructuring and societal transformation?
  • How can management education and learning in social, economic and environmental responsibility transform and innovate organizations?
  • How can we integrate knowledge and create impact through innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What strategies can be used for advancing responsible management education, research and learning?
  • How can innovation and responsible entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship, be encouraged?
  • How to help management educators and students cross disciplinary boundaries and engage with non-managerial disciplines to effectively deal with complex issues and challenges?
  • How to foster dialogue and partnership with other individuals, groups, organizations and other stakeholders towards creating positive societal impact?
  • How do business schools need to adapt educational approaches to tackle sustainability related business challenges?

We cordially invite you to participate in the debate about how diverse stakeholders can successfully engage, collaborate and partner towards achieving a more responsible management education for a better world.

Conference Dates

26 September – PRME-Related Meetings and Workshops and Conference Opening

27 September – Conference and Social Dinner

28 September – Conference and Closing Ceremony

Registration Dates

02 March – Call for contributions (extended abstract) (will be available soon)

02 May – Deadline for authors’ submissions

02 June – Notification of submission acceptance

30 June – Deadline for early-bird registration and author registration

04 September – Deadline for regular registration