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Localized Event: How to Get Workplace Ready


Thursday, February 24

10:00 EST I 3:00 GMT



Workplace readiness is a set of personal, soft, and hard skills that are critical for students to start building as they prepare to enter the workforce.

In this session, Nexford University’s Director of Career Innovation, Jennifer Bangoura, will discuss the essential skills required to succeed in the workplace and achieve your objectives and goals and what recruiters look for when hiring fresh talents.

About Jennifer

Over the past decade as a certified career coach and industry network manager, Jennifer has nurtured a global community of leaders from Iraq to Morocco and from Bamako, Mali to Baltimore, Maryland across industries from volunteering to the environment sector, international education, and edtech. Jennifer is passionate about lifting up, celebrating, and supporting entrepreneurs and emerging leaders and has recently completed a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Change and leadership and is skilled in qualitative and quantitative research and analysis and program design.