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Localized – Landing an Internship as a Product Analyst: How I Got My Internship at Nike

DATE: Thursday, September 15th

TIME: 10:00AM PST | 12:00PM EST | 16:00PM GMT


EXPERTS: Sabrina Elouardi

General Information

Are you trying to land your dream internship while in university? Are you trying to figure out how to develop a resume and cover letter that will help you stand out without a ton of experience? 

In this webinar, Sabrina Elouardi, Product Analyst at Nike, talks about how she landed a variety of internships throughout her undergraduate years, moving from marketing to analyst to product in a variety of industries ranging from entertainment to tech to e-commerce. 

Learn how to develop your skills, tell your story and network in order to get the internship of your dreams. This webinar will cover topics including:    

  • How to land your first internship
  • How to reach out to industry leaders to grow your network
  • How to transition without tons of experience 
  • Day to day of a product analyst at Nike 
  • How to land an Apprenticeship at Google

Whether you’re a student or recent graduate looking to develop your experience, Sabrina can speak to some of the key steps you need to take to move forward in your career. 

About Sabrina Elouardi

Sabrina is an insights analyst at Nike, Inc, passionate about the intersection of technological innovation and business to build a more globalized, connected world in the media, entertainment, leisure, and retail space.