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Localized- Workshop: Virtual & In-Person Interviews Etiquettes


Sunday, February 13th 

1:00 PM EST I 6:00 PM GMT



In every setting we learn to follow different behaviors. The way we act when we are in a library is not the way we act when we are in an arcade. The way we speak to our friends is not typically the way we speak to the elderly. Interviewing, as other areas in life also has it’s own set of rules and social norms. 

In this workshop you will learn the key principles and guidelines to a successful interview. You will learn to present yourself in a professional manner while being true to who you are. You will also learn what behaviors you should monitor and how to leave a good impression on a recruiter during your interview. 

In an interview, small and simple things like showing up on time, dressing professionally, speaking clearly and being polite can all leave a positive experience with your potential employer. On the other hand there are specific principles, whether in person or online, that will leave your interviewer concerned or uninterested.

In this career development workshop, career coach-in-residence Iyad Uakoub will help you:

  • Learn best practices for virtual interviews
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, in person and online
  • Build a checklist and discover tips and tricks to prepare for your interview
  • Exhibit your professionalism even before you’ve got your first job