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Management and War: How Organizations Navigate Conflict and Build Peace


War and conflict are a reality of life throughout the world. While much is written about the impact of violence and disorder, how people and organisations adapt to these environments is still poorly understood. This seminar will look at the often hidden story of organisational actors managing through and beyond violent conflict, building businesses, delivering services and navigating change processes in environments of violence and peacebuilding. In this, it argues that ethno-political conflict and war are organisational as well as a political processes, and that moving beyond conflict cannot be successfully achieved without a recognition of organisational actors as key to that resolution process. The seminar will draw on data from three cases: Northern Ireland, The Basque Country and Bosnia. 


Dr Christina Bache,
Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science, IDEAS
Chair, United Nations, Principles for Responsible Management Education, Working Group on Business for Peace


Dr Joanne Murphy,
Reader in Leadership and Organisational Change and Co Director of the Centre for Leadership, Ethics and Organisation, Queen’s Management School, Belfast.

Dr Joanne Murphy is a Reader in Leadership and Organisational Change and the Co-Director of the centre for Leadership, Ethics and Organisation, Queen’s Management School. She is also a Fellow of the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice and a Senior Fellow of Northern Ireland’s policy Think Tank – Pivotal. Her research explores leadership, change and organisational development in political volatility, including environments affected by ethno-political conflict. She has worked extensively with business, government, not for profits and police and security organisations to build leadership capacity, management change and achieve resilience.  Her new book – Management and War: How Organisations Navigate Conflict and Build Peace, was published in August 2020. Joanne’s full profile can be accessed here.


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

  • 11:00am Washington D.C.
  • 4:00pm London
  • 5:00pm Geneva/Cape Town
  • 8:30pm Mumbai
  • 11:00pm Singapore