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September Cross-Border Collab: The Role of Education in Development 


Thursday, 1 September, 2022

8:00am EDT


Hosted on Zoom.


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org

GBSN Members are Invited to September’s Cross-Border Collab: The Role of Education in Development 

Our September Collab will feature a discussion with Pramath Raj Sinha, Founding Dean and a member of the Executive Board of the Indian School of Business (ISB).  In addition to this leadership role, Pramath is also the Founder & Trustee of Ashoka University and the Founder & Chairman of Harappa Education. Harappa Education is an online teaching organization focused on teaching habits and skills critical to workplace success in the 21st century.

Throughout his career Pramath has been instrumental in setting up a wide spectrum of change-based higher education initiatives to help communities in India reach the necessary capacity for its growing population and the increased demand for quality education. In addition to ISB, Ashoka University, and Harappa Education, these efforts have included a management program for career-oriented women, an entrepreneurship fellowship, and a solution-focused design education for urban planning, civil engineering and other industries within the built environment.

With his experiences as a media entrepreneur, education consultant, and management advisor, Pramath will help us explore the variety of roles that education can play in development in India and around the world. We will explore questions like: 

  • What is the role of business and liberal arts education in driving economic and social development? 
  • What are the differences in leveraging in-person and online education for local development? 
  • How can business schools around the world continue to create industry-ready graduates and future-ready institutions to support local and regional economic development?

Special Guest


Thursday, 1 September, 2022

  • 8:00am Washington D.C.
  • 2:00pm Paris
  • 1:00pm Lagos
  • 5:30pm Mumbai
  • 8:00pm Singapore


Cross-Border Collabs are not open to the public and are only open to GBSN Members. 

What are Cross-Border Collabs?

Cross-Border Collabs are exclusive gatherings for GBSN members, focused on engaging our community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. Facilitated by topic experts, these session will provide a place for our members be active participants in our mission of improving management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world. Collabs are held monthly on every first Thursday of the month. Collabs are an exclusive opportunity for member school ambassadors, deans and leading faculty members.