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Toward Successful Transitions – Economic Recovery and Democratic Renewal

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is pleased to invite you to join us for the inaugural, public conference of the Free Enterprise & Democracy Network (FEDN). This virtual, two-day conference will serve as a compliment to the World Movement for Democracy and convene leaders and advocates under the theme of “Towards Successful Transitions – Economic Recovery and Democratic Renewal”.

Registration is required to obtain access details.

About the Event

As economic recovery ticks up in certain countries, democracies remain under pressure. The pandemic has exposed weaknesses and disparities that challenge the credibility of democracy, while authoritarian tendencies continue to encroach on freedom. Democracies can adapt, but their prospects will look very different depending on the economic model that dominates crisis and recovery.
In its inaugural conference, which is open to the public, the Free Enterprise & Democracy Network will delve into the prospects for markets and private business to support democratic transition and resist autocracy. Can free markets create inclusive opportunity? Will business take new leadership roles in society?  And if it does, will it be trusted? FEDN members and guest speakers will explore priority policy choices to shape recovery and private sector solutions that will change the rules of the game.

To view the full conference schedule and speakers, visit the conference event page.

Dates & Time

Monday, June 28 – Tuesday, June 29 2021

Beginning at:

  • 8:00 AM Washington D.C.
  • 1:00 PM London
  • 2:00 PM Geneva
  • 2:00 PM Cape Town
  • 5:30 PM Mumbai
  • 8:00 PM Singapore