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VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: 18th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

Theme: Invigorating African Higher Education Institutions’ Response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Higher education is affected by coronavirus whose consequences are expected to continue for unforeseeable future. African higher education community needs to find innovative and creative ways to invigorate the response to the pandemic to mitigate the risks associated with it. St. Mary’s University will hold its 18th international conference which will bring scholars, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers together virtually to debate on the common agendum – responding to COVID-19 – on September 08, 2020.


Sub-theme 1. Higher Education Institutions’ response to COVID-19 pandemic

  • Higher Education Institutions’ response to COVID-19
  • Teaching, learning, assessment and research practices during and post-COVID-19
  • The role of indigenous knowledge in solving the COVID-19 challenges
  • The role of technology in higher education during and post-COVID-19
  • Sustaining post-COVID-19 academic quality
  • Online education and challenges in technology
  • Capacity development of teaching faculty in a post-COVID-19 transformed system

Sub-theme 2. Higher education institutions’ role toward inclusive and sustainable youth
development and employability

  • Lessons and strategies toward youth development: inclusiveness, entrepreneurship and employability during and post-COVID-19
  • African higher education towards meeting Agenda 2030 and 2063 for sustainable livelihoods, disability, gender and health
  • Importance of national strategies for regional Higher Education
  • Internationalization of Higher Education in Africa

Sub-theme 3. The profile of Private Higher Education in Africa

  • Access, relevance, quality, challenges and opportunities
  • Accreditation practices of Higher Education institutions in Africa
  • Research and technology in private Higher Education in Africa
  • Strategies to minimize PHEIs’ dependence from tuition fees
  • Public-Private partnership in the African HE space
  • The profile of PHEIs in a specific regional or national context

Sub-theme 4. Lessons and strategies towards effective networking and global engagement

  • policies, strategies and practices for effective linkage between higher education, business/industry, and other key stakeholders
  • collaborations, joint research and innovation in Africa
  • Knowledge management in Africa
  • Effective use of media in Higher Education

Sub-theme 5. The role of higher education institutions in ensuring serene Africa

  • Issues of identity, diversity and gender
  • Multiculturalism and green environment for prosperous and peaceful Africa
  • Democracy and rights in multicultural societies
  • Higher Education Institutions’ social climate
  • Climate change and its effects on education