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Woxsen University – India’s Academic Support Partner at the Tech4Democracy Venture Day Delhi 2023

Tech4Democracy Venture Day Delhi

Woxsen University is pleased to announce that it will be the Indian Support Partner at the upcoming Tech4Democracy Venture Day Delhi 2023, organised by IE University, and ORF. The event will take place on March 2nd, 2023, in New Delhi, India, and will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and academics to discuss the intersection of technology and democracy and its impact on the future.

“We are delighted to be a support partner at the Tech4Democracy Venture Day Delhi 2023”, said Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President, Woxsen University. “Our focus on entrepreneurship and innovation aligns perfectly with the goals of the event, and we believe that our participation will also be a relevant factor for the event.”

The Initiative

Tech4Democracy consists of two interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Challenge to identify entrepreneurs developing innovative digital technologies that contribute to the advancement of democracy around the globe. The Challenge is composed of five Venture Day competitions in five continents: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America. Entrepreneurs will be evaluated based on their contribution to democratic values, technological innovation, viability/scalability and interest for potential investors, and the experience, knowledge, skills, and diversity of their teams.
  • A long-term line of applied research that will map the state of the art of the field of democracy-affirming technologies and guide policymakers, industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who wish to advance technological progress in a manner that promotes freedom, equality, solidarity and inclusion.

Areas of Innovation

We seek startups/scaleups that develop usable democracy-affirming technologies such as the following:

Data for Policymaking

  • Technologies that allow for better data collection, processing, and visualization, in order to inform policy-making and decision-making processes in a way that is respectful of privacy and individual rights.

Responsible AI and Machine Learning

  • Automated decision-making systems that provide equal opportunity, do not discriminate, and are fair, explainable, auditable, ethical, and accurate.

Tools to Fight Disinformation

  • Technologies that support fact-checking efforts, identify bot activity or work on social data to promote accurate information on key matters, including electoral processes.

Digital Identity and Trust

  • Transparency technologies and identity recognition or protection technologies that ensure inclusive access to digital public services and protection of sensible data.

Transparent and Inclusive Government Data

  • Technologies that promote accountability and inclusive services and foster economic growth through the provision of data, services, and resources that startups, scaleups, and SMEs can leverage to generate business.

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