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Young Entrepreneurs of the World 2022 Virtual Conference

Date & Time:
April 19-22


The Young Entrepreneurs of the World Conference is an annual event focusing on the power of entrepreneurship. As part of 1BusinessWorld’s Leading Entrepreneurs of the World platform, and in close collaboration with our partner The Mentor Project, Young Entrepreneurs of the World is an area that is focused on embracing and motivating college students, the entrepreneurs and business professionals of the future. Their goal is to inform, inspire and guide those who will be the future leaders of our world and help students prepare to build solutions to take on the mounting environmental, social, and quality of life challenges our world faces.

About Young Entrepreneurs of the World

Young Entrepreneurs of the World (YEW) is where students and young individuals from around the world can access a unique mix of benefits that will inspire and engage them, as they are about to embark on their professional and entrepreneurial journey. YEW’s primary focus is to give students access to ideas and experts from all areas of life and from all business and entrepreneurial fields.

Young Entrepreneurs of the World offers unparalleled opportunities to students and young entrepreneurs for exposure and connectivity, including:

  • Access to an annual multi-day conference featuring entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts, mentors
  • Exposure to the investor community
  • Networking opportunities with companies and organizations from within different industries
  • Professional and career opportunities, and internships
  • Continued access to mentors and mentorship program