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ZIBS Global Dean’s Forum

ZIBS Third Global Deans’ Forum is going to take place on January 13, 4p.m. (Beijing time) on the International Campus. The forum assembles the highest echelons of leadership from premier global business schools to delve into the pivotal theme of “The Future of Education for Sustainability.” Our aim is to explore cutting-edge perspectives and best practices in the realms of social responsibility and global sustainable development within business schools.

The forum boasts the honor of featuring distinguished deans and top leaders from nine of the world’s top business schools and organisations. They will share their unique insights during a panel discussion, dissecting the mission of business schools in cultivating future business leaders. Discussions will center around innovative educational models, expanding international collaborations, and deeply embedding global social responsibility into the core of our academic pursuits. Anticipating dynamic conversations, we look forward to jointly exploring how an excellent educational system can foster business leaders with a global perspective and a strong sense of social responsibility. Leveraging the successful experiences and forward-thinking insights of our esteemed deans, we aim to delve into the best practices of business schools in the realm of sustainable development education, providing valuable guidance for the future direction of business education.