GBSN webinars are distinguished by the commitment to international perspectives on provocative topics. Formats include individual speakers, panel discussions, and conversations with the CEO. Recordings and podcasts based on the webinars are also available.

Workshops & Summits

GBSN workshops are short events, lasting 3 to 5 hours, to work together to share ideas and solutions about a specific topic, while summits convene a diverse set of leaders to consider and provide leadership on an important topic.

Member-Only Events

Some events are restricted to participants for member organizations. For example, GBSN Collabs, which are monthly gatherings focused on engaging our international member community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Virtual Events

We offer a diverse set of online events that range from workshops, conferences, forums, seminars, to name a few. Virtual events aim to be inclusive and involve more schools and more people, especially those underrepresented at global Management events.

All Events