Webinars and Forums

GBSN webinars are distinguished by the commitment to international perspectives on provocative topics. Formats include individual speakers, panel discussions, and conversations with the CEO. Recordings and podcasts based on the webinars are also available.

Business schools are ideally placed to be the nexus between government, industry, and society in shaping a collective response to our most critical challenges.

GBSN Beyond is about breaking the traditional boundaries of business education. It highlights and supports business school efforts to transform society—to build more inclusive and sustainable communities, especially in the developing world. 

This year’s GBSN Beyond theme is about opportunities and challenges at the intersection of talent and technology. We recognize advances are more often generated through collaboration across borders, sectors, and disciplines. GBSN Beyond is about action and impact. Let’s confront these challenges together – in-person and online.

GBSN Member Events

Some events are exclusive to participants from GBSN member organizations. For example, GBSN Collabs, which are monthly gatherings focused on engaging our international member community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. The GBSN Members Meeting that happens every November, allows our members to reflect on the year as well as discuss priorities for the next year,

Virtual Events

We offer a diverse set of online events that range from workshops, conferences, forums, seminars, to name a few. Virtual events aim to be inclusive and involve more schools and more people, especially those underrepresented at global Management events.

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