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Emma Martens,


With growing pressure for companies to be more sustainable, future leaders will need to understand ways in which entire systems interrelate and have an impact on entire value chains if they are to effectively respond to resource limitations and climate change. In addition, there is growing pressure from students for sustainability to be incorporated into business courses. This has led to an overall trend to embed sustainability into the ethos of teaching in business schools. While the movement towards greater integration of sustainability into the fundamentals of business education is advancing, there is significant progress that still needs to be made.


The goal of the GBSN for Sustainable Energy learning community is to advance knowledge on the business-related challenges and opportunities of the transition to a global sustainable energy system in line with the energy-related themes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This includes:

Energy Access

provide universal access to modern and sustainable energy services (especially electricity and clean cooking solutions) 

Energy Efficiency

increase the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency (primary energy supply per unit of GDP)

Energy Security

provide uninterrupted supply of vital energy services


promote access to technology and investments in clean energy, particularly for developing countries.

Air Pollution

reduce global energy systems greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial level

Adverse effects and ancillary risks

reduce freshwater use, land use, waste and other impacts associated with some energy systems

GBSN Learning Communities bring together scholars and business practitioners to address management and entrepreneurship challenges relevant to emerging economies. This creates knowledge, experiences, and relationships. Each Learning Community is a cohort of faculty and/or administrators at GBSN member institutions that share common professional and co-curricular experiences, convened around a common subject, a research goal, theme, challenge or a series of larger questions. Learning communities aim to amplify cooperation and engagement around the specific topic by expanding international peer to peer sharing, enhancing effectiveness, and improving impact. 


  • Exchange best practices 
  • Conduct joint virtual events 
  • Conduct joint research and author joint publications 
  • Provide joint experiential learning opportunities for students 
  • Develop other collective actions to amplify impact 

Interested in Joining?

Schools are not required to join GBSN for individuals to participate. Participation in the group is meant to be inclusive. Individuals interested in joining the Global Business School Network for Sustainable Energy should complete the online sign-up form below.


Questions or concerns, please contact Emma Martens, Network Coordinator at